April 17, 2019

Who are the top growth hackers and/or agencies in 2019?


Looking to speak with some growth hackers and experts in the space to get their opinion on a product we're building :)

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    You're building the product and already you want to talk to growth hackers? Forgive me for saying this, but shouldn't you try to hustle yourself for a bit before you spend money on a consultant? Any decent consultant worth their knowledge would turn you down unless you already have significant revenue and looking to scale. /my2c

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      Yup, you are right, we're not hiring anyone

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    Julian Shapiro at Bell Curve.

    Feel free to ask me if you'd like, I've got plenty of marketing / growth experience.

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      Great, just emailed you Harry!

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        Sorry, didn't get an email? try [email protected]

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          hmm, looks like that was it. Can you check your spam folder?

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    Interesting, following :)