Who do I target in my niche?

I have a B2B product that I'm working on getting users but who do I contact?

My primary targets would be companies with 5 - 50 members. At that size do I contact the founder?

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    5 - 50 is a pretty big spread, and it probably varies upon industry.

    I consult with a ton of businesses in the 5-50 sizes. Most times once you pass 15 employees, you will have to go through at least one gatekeeper to get to the "Founder."

    What problem does your B2B product solve?

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      I built a simple employee recognition program - it's stupid simple without all the fluff from competitors - we solve retention/productivity

      Great point about ~15 or so employees. I'm honestly not sure who I'd go for to get to the decision-maker - I don't want to bother CEOs lol

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        Ahh, so at 15 there is probably someone who focuses on sudo HR things. They are probably double dutied. Like Accounting and HR tasks, or Office Manager and HR tasks.

        I just recommended bambee to a client with 40+ employees for outsourced HR. that fits this mold, too small for full time HR, big enough where it has become a problem.

        So If I was pushing your product I would ask for the Office Manager, not knowing more specifics, than I would tailor my script/pitch/email/LinkedIn message to explain in one sentence who your offering would make their life easier.

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          Good deal! Thanks so much :)

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    It depends on the product a bit. Are you looking at bottom up adoption like Figma or Airtable, where anyone can start using it and spread it through the company? In that case go to the target user in the company.

    If it's something that requires company wide adoption like a Salesforce or something like that, then it makes sense to go to the top.

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      Yep, good point - we're a company-wide adoption type

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    Sure :shurg: or the CEO

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      Yep, the CEO is who I've been targeting

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        My advice is to always sell high. Employee recognition is about building a strong culture. That starts at the top - leadership sets the pace for culture building. Employees that feel recognized and appreciated by leadership and their peers are much more likely to find satisfaction, trust their co-workers, and be connected to the mission of the organization. I think you’re selling to the right audience. For this type of solution, an office manager isn’t the right buyer. I can see where something like Bamboo (mentioned above) that helps manage the HR process would be for the office manager because HR is one of a bunch of things they are doing. But things like employee recognition, employee engagement and culture are executive priorities and responsibilities.

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          Great advice, Josh! Thanks so much

          This was my thought as well

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            You’re welcome. Keep fighting!

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