Who do you think would be the most interested in this product?

We're super early, but have finally launched our waiting list page.

3 questions:

  1. In your opinion, what type of people do you think this appeals the most to?
  2. What did you like the most about this page?
  3. What confused you the most about this page?


Any other feedback is welcome as well :)

  1. 2

    I've written this without reference to the existing comments, so I'm not swayed by anything there. Apologies for any repetition.

    1. It's for those who either are - or aspire to be - regularly active.

    2. I like the name and the idea of belonging to a squad.

    3. I'm not sure putting the number of available spaces is a good idea. I see what you're going for, but you might be better off saying "strictly limited slots available" or something. If I come back in a week and it's still "50", it looks like no-one else is interested in the idea, so why should I bother to commit to this project?

    One more thing: it looks a lot like the app can work with remote squads - yet all the imagery shows people being together in-person. I think with Covid lockdowns currently in-place pretty much everywhere, you could highlight the remote aspect of training together.

    Minor subjective copy tightening:

    "Make a Habit of Being Active" => "Make being active a habit"

    "With a global pandemic and all the demands on our lives" I don't think you need this line at all here, I can think you just start with "it's easy to get off track with being active" - that's a strong statement, and we can all fill-in the gaps about how busy our lives can be.


    The hero CTA is too small.

    Good luck!

    1. 2

      Awesome feedback, thanks Jaymie!

      I've updated some copy and tomorrow will look how to better represent the "remote-ness" aspect of the application because you're right - it's mainly for people who aren't together.

      Really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

  2. 1
    1. Anyone who wants to change their fitness habits
    2. Urgency, scarcity, waitlist is good
    3. There's a bit
    • Website is circa 2000. You can do better
    • I have a Garmin that does the same things and more so wondering why I'd connect it to your app
    • "Make a Habit of Being Active" is a good tagline but you don't have a UVP. This is mine "We help SaaS Product Teams collect customer feedback, prioritise features to build, and update customers effortlessly."
    • You talk a lot about your features. I didn't buy a Garmin because I wanted to wear a watch with lots of widgets. I bought it because all those widgets help me reach my goal of completing a Spartan trifecta
    1. 1

      Appreciate you taking the time to review the page. Some solid takeaways for sure, including:

      • better addressing the question of "I have a device, why do I need this?"
      • expanding on the value proposition beyond the tagline
      • talking more to benefits instead (or in addition to?) features

      Oh and making it less circa 2000. Not quite sure what that means, but I'm guessing you mean including more animations, dynamic elements and interactivity. Is that the gist?

      1. 1

        Good interpretation of my feedback.
        The circa 2000 comment means it looks like your website was made with the technology and design theory of 2000. You can buy template for a reasonable price that would greatly enhance the aesthetics of your website. Based on the layout and images you have, I'd check out the Divi page builder and all it's associated templates.

        1. 1

          Got it will do. I used a template from http://kickofflabs.com as it also included in gamification elements for moving ahead in the waiting list. I'll take a look at Divi.

  3. 1
    1. Anyone who wants to get fit.
    2. I like the simple, straight-forward design.
    3. I don't think anything is particularly confusing. It's well done. Kudos!
      I like the idea behind the app. How about having squads "compete" against each other. E.g. Red squad had combined total of 5hrs of activity in one week vs Blue squad which only had 4.5hrs.
      Also, gamification (achievements/badges) of activities.
    1. 1

      @ksp thanks for taking the time to look! That's exactly how the squad competitions work. I can add that as a separate section. Same with achievements and badges. Much appreciated!

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