Ideas and Validation August 12, 2020

Who else use Superhuman Product/Market Fit Engine ?


Superhuman has recently revolutionize email services and take many praises for many tech influencers of our time and VCs.

Anyone who try this product fit framework and also who also use gamification approach to excite users. This bring huge success to Superhuman and I hope it should work also to others products.

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    We use this at Obie and it's been particularly useful in helping us focus.

    Something we did after accumulating a statistically significant volume of responses was use the MonkeyLearn free word cloud generator to build word clouds of the different answers to:

    • What type of people do you think would most benefit from Obie?
    • What is the main benefit you receive from Obie?
    • How can we improve Obie for you?

    It's really nice to see a visual representation of the responses to see what stands out. It's also great to use these words for marketing/positioning.

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    Oh wow I didn't know this framework but it shares a few key points with what I'm working on (survey-based user / market research to help evaluate product features). Seeing a successful similar approach and its response is quite exiting !

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    I've been using this framework for a year. It's great and highly recommend you try it out. Make sure you nail your segmentation of customers otherwise you'll waste a lot of time and build for no one

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    I've used this approach twice over the past 10 months, and about to use it a third time.

    Generally speaking, I've found it super useful to decide what to focus on and realise who my most passionate members are. Seeing how it evolves over time is also pretty interesting.

    For context - I usually receive ~15 responses from 30 members or so, making it hiighly representative.

    I'd recommend combining this approach with user interviews as well. Quantitative approaches alone aren't enough.

    The PMF engine gives you a good steer as to the direction you should go in, but won't provide enough detail to rely on that alone, in my opinion.

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      Also, we use gamification at Weekend Club. There's a monthly leaderboard on our most helpful members, based on a custom Slack emoji you can gift others.

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    We've been sending the survey out. Our volume of users is probably too low to get much value out of it at this point.

    There's a startup that's building a product around this:

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    We're going to be implementing parts of the framework shortly at MemberSpace 🙌 Super interested to hear other people's experiences so far though!

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