Who is Building in public? Put your Twitter account in comments

Hi guys!

Who should I follow on Twitter? Who is Building in public?

I try to write about building my product and need more experience
and person who will be good example for me.


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    Moved this over to the Building in Public group, it's worth a browse to see who is posting what, and follow them on Twitter too. 👍🏼

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    Tweeting about building Divjoy and sharing React code tips

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    👩🏻‍💻 Bootstrapping side projects & sharing it

    🧵 threadok.com
    💼 jobboardy.com
    🚀 monthlystart.com

    📚My book about Twitter: gum.co/hkVRI

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    I tweet about partnership and affiliate marketing while building Promote.

    Here is my Twitter handle, https://twitter.com/launchbeast

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    You can follow jrleonr. I heard that guy is creating something very cool.


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      Ahaha love your articles man!

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        Nice! Writing one right now about becoming Mark FATkerberg.

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      wow, very interest!

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    Helping people use their skills to live the life of their dreams (through building products, writing, ).

    My goal is to turn 1000 people into free range humans.

    Excited about reading and music.


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    I'm starting to Tweet about my side project simplebooknotes.com and the newsletter that is being created out of it.

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    I‘m building BlogBlog.io (a blog creator based on Notion) and sharing things along the way here: https://twitter.com/mecoupz

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    Awesome thread @kapustin!

    I am curating tweets and accounts of those building in public. Will add folks who've replied here as well. Sharing the links in case any of you is interested in following the list or the account through which we are curating this:



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    I'm building the first platform for 3d fashion designers and digital-first brands

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      Wow, very interesting! Follow you

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    https://twitter.com/etiene_d <- I talk about tech and building things, but also other stuff
    https://twitter.com/polyglossapp <- project only things

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    I tweet about my journey writing my first book as a student! https://twitter.com/vedikasworld

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    Inspired by the IH community, I decided to announce my app sooner than I was planning and will be tweeting about development moving forward.


    Paperback Author is (going to be) an ebook writing app for novelists. Its reason for existing is to make it dead-simple for storytellers to create quality ebooks.

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    I'm making HelloHailey - a Slack app that builds happy and connected remote teams. I've been sharing regular updates on my process in my newsletter, The MVP Sprint

    ...and of course on Twitter - @anothertimjones

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      Been loving your MVP Sprint series.

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        Thanks Mario! Always makes my day to hear from readers

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    Building in public on https://twitter.com/felix12777

    I usually talk about Nocode, growth and venture building

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    Hey 👋

    Been sharing all my learnings since bootstrapping a SaaS to $29k MRR and now building a new one from scratch.

    Find me here 👇

    I tweet about finding, validating ideas and getting customers through marketing. I also tweet about living a better life (since life is not only defined by your work).

    Hope to see you on Twitter!

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    Soon to get a rename but working on Blarebot in public


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    Hi all 👋 I tweet 3-4 concise, actionable SEO tips per week. Feel free to follow if you're a blogger, content writer, or if it interests you :)

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    Would be honored to have you follow my #buildinpublic journey!

    I post weekly updates, usually on Tuesday evenings (+0800GMT), about my work-in-progress Metronome!

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    👋 https://twitter.com/guar47

    Doing 12xstartup.com challenge and tweet about my progress and products :)
    Also tweet about development, tech etc.

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    I’m working on building a product that helps software and test engineers generate realistic mock data! I’ll definitely be tweeting about it along the way!

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    Just had a full day of live tweeting the start of a new project on Friday. Showing all the steps involved. Gonna do this again soon 😊

    (start of the thread: https://twitter.com/scholz_felix/status/1339833697185480705?s=19 )

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    I'm building an infrastructure for freelancers & consultants to sell their work as subscriptions.

    also open to connect ! :)

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    🐦 @XCSme

    Tweeting mostly while building userTrack.net but I also often work on other smaller cool side-projects.

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    👕 Tee Tweets - Wear any tweet in the world
    🏀 InThePaintCrew - A new wave of NBA & basketball media
    🖥️ Swyftlight - Digital agency
    📱The TXT Hub - Text famous quotes to someone—anonymously

    Hope to see you around, Igor 👋

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    Helping coders & creators
    find freedom in their work

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    I tweet about tech, the things I'm working on like ListenLater.fm, ThisWebsiteWillSelfDestruct.com, and my comic Bodies. I also frequently am working on one or two mini-projects you might find out about on there too. I tend not to post a lot unless I have something I'm actively working on that is interesting enough to mention. But I do try and post some information on the business side of what I'm doing, and how the financials work when running free but somewhat costly projects like ThisWebsiteWillSelfDestruct.com.

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    Hello I am @raae on Twitter.

    I am building POW! — the privacy-first menstrual cycle journal very much in public. The latest video update was December 8th.

    I have also started live code streaming both POW!, but in December the GatsbyJS #SillySiteChallenge.

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    https://twitter.com/subroMM is Building digitaldeals.io in public. It's an aggregation platform for bootstrapped projects based on social mentions.

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    I could need followers, so far I have exactly 1 - O N E

    I'm building a PWA that let's you discover and browse genres using the Spotify api

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    Hey! I'm @sowenjub
    🐮 nomeat.today
    🤜🤛 indiepairs.club
    🥐 teambakery.com (pivoting & soon in english)

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    I am sharing my journey around the following:

    • Launching a digital games platform Mobo Games
    • Growing a newsletter aimed at aspiring indie founders (with a more technical focus) Small Tech Business
    • Juggling my career growth as a Software Developer (I just recently switched to a part-time role this summer after experience as a tech lead and briefly as a dev manager)
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    Doing growth marketing (for myself + for clients) https://twitter.com/OpenSourceGrow

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    Mines Https://twitter.com/boardy89.

    Write about developing crashcatch.com, crash reporting for every developer, every platform and every language

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    Building NewsIn.IT - IT resources to accelerate your career in IT

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    Hahaha so weird😂
    I have never been active on Twitter before. Today, I started producing a new product and started sharing the whole process instantly on Twitter. It was a nice encounter to see your post right after that.


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      Ahah by the way I have the same

      1. 1

        Why don't we support each other's twitter acc haha

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    👋 Hi! I'm building an app and freelancing in public! My twitter: https://twitter.com/amypeniston

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    Tweeting about WordPress related things (like building a one-man WP plugin shop, software development, and bits of personal life journey things. Severely lacking friends, so do get in touch!

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    I'm going to start building in public next week (before 2021). In plans, I'll make several products for "scratching my own itch": a privacy-first social network and yet-another-blog-platform but with a small and convenient twist.


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    I tweet about building products using no-code, and writing a newsletter.

    Here's an example of my build-in-public tweets https://twitter.com/kavirkaycee/status/1333776581966192646

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    Building Y&F in public.

    I talk about Entrepreneurial Science & Behavior Science.

    Here's my Twitter: https://twitter.com/YounglingAndCo

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    @1dolinski and @usehappen is my bookmarking application

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    I'm building Failory in public, sharing our monthly numbers and projects in work ;)

    Here's my Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicocerdeira

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    I've actually just joined Twitter to start building in public, so would be keen to connect with others who are doing the same.

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    Glad to meet you Igor! I’m building in public with several projects. Happy to connect https://Twitter.com/damengchen

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    I'm doing a lot of mini "projects" and tweeting about them

    actually tweeting about the process of doing them and making some details transparent.

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      I see you, Bruno. Trying to get to 5K before me.

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      @brunor How many projects you are working on?
      Very interesting how do you manage your time.

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        1-2 at the time. But they are mini projects where I'm checking how good I'm at the things I don't usually do. They are not software projects. So far it was something like

        • selling info products
        • starting podcasts
        • hosting remote events
        • building info products under 14 days
        • running a newsletter course

        In these projects I'm excercising things that can eventually help me in shaping my personality. E.g. trying to sell some digital product to someone.

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    I do 👋!

    Trying to ship a product by month and share every learnings along the way!

    My twitter account: https://twitter.com/angezanetti

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    twitter.com/rikschennink WIP gifs, learnings, mostly front end tech related as I build/sell web components

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    I wouldn't call it building in public but I share most of what I do, learnings, and sprinkle some insights to my Twitter fam.

    I am @iamdinakar (https://twitter.com/iamdinakar), you could've added your Twitter in your post. What product are you building?

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      Awesome, that's what I need, follow you!

      I'm working on kapustin.co, we create illustration resources for designers and startupers. I'am sharing the process on my Twitter (https://twitter.com/kapustindesign) and my blog (https://igorkapustin.com/blog), welcom!

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    i am working on wickedblocks and wickedtemplates right now.


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