Who is building the most exciting micro SaaS?

Hey IH fam!

Do you know who is building the most exciting micro SaaS?

I am writing a short article about the story behind micro SaaS, best if it's created by the IH community.

Show us your product or tag your friends below.

Cheers :D

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    I hate the term "micro saas". Seems like a new trendy thing to say.

    Surely a SaaS is a SaaS, no?

    1. 5

      Just another fancy word for makers building useless stuff.

      "I made a Micro SaaS in 1 week and made $1,000 🤑💸" - 93 Upvotes, 20 comments

      Oh wait, it's another Airtable.

      1. 2

        Useless stuff?

        Park.io guy makes 1 million a year from his micro Saas.


        1. 1

          What makes Park.io a micro saas? Not being funny..just curious

          1. 2

            Good question!

            Micro Saas is narrow focus, no outside funding, small team, can be 1 person.

            Park.io is run by 1 guy. They only do domain name grabs.


        2. 0

          You linked to the SaaS Club podcast, to an episode called "The One Person, Million Dollar SaaS Business"...

          To somehow prove a point?

          1. 2

            No time to argue about definitions. Too busy building. Cheers! ✌🏼

    2. 3

      I prefer "Emerging SaaS". Something that starts small and have the potential to become big in the future.

      1. 1

        Thank you so much for your support @danial , @MarlonMaquera - maybe we should celebrate this together?

    3. 3

      Hey my friend @Primer 👋🏻

      I’m not a big fan of the term too...

      I understand there’s a struggle to distinguish size / stage of a company. Do I still call Slack, Twilio, SendGrid a SaaS company. Yes of course.

      But if we want to be more inclusive to those emerging and humble SaaS product, it’s much easier to add a slang before and after.

      1. 6

        I like humble SaaS better 😜

    4. 1

      All Micro-SaaS are SaaS, but not all SaaS are a Micro-Saas. I think a great example of a Micro-Saas is this product someone posted here a while back: DocTemple. It's a very useful product but it's small, does only one thing, built likely by one person, not a ton of room to scale, just effectively solves on problem.

      I think it's just as useful to distinguish a Micro-SaaS from a SaaS as it is to distinguish an "indie hacker" from bigger, funded, startups, and here we are in a whole community built for that.

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    Building a better way for designers / front-end devs to collect feedback on their live websites and static designs from clients and team members. https://usebolt.io - I think this is only exciting (and the same for any SaaS?) if you are in my target market. Saving time + energy is great!

    1. 1

      Hey @pips definitely a great product! Will include you indeed. And thanks for giving my virtual conference a big offer :)

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    I'm building a SaaS that helps people build their SaaS → divjoy.com

    1. 4

      Dude! This is awesome.
      I wish I knew about this.
      Is there a lot of documentation or video tutorials included?

      Thinking of adding support for Nuxt and Firebase hosting?

      How did you get the CTO of Stripe to give you a testimonial? Great social proof.

      1. 3

        Thanks! In terms of docs, the exported codebases includes a readme that walks through the basics, such as running locally, auth, queries, deployment, etc, but I'm working on a public faceing docs section so you can see those details before buying. Any major questions in particular?

        Firebase Hosting is coming early 2021. I'd love to support Vue/Nuxt. Scaling across all the React frameworks + adding Vue support might be a bit too much, but I could see eventually settling on just one React framework (probably Next.js) and then also adding Nuxt.

        It was actually a total surprise to find out the CTO of Stripe was a Divjoy customer and he had written a blog post with that quote in it. So that testimonial is about as legit as they get. I think he's on his 3rd project with Divjoy right now.. validating to say the least!

    2. 2

      Are you planning on adding Material UI?

      1. 1

        Yes! Material UI integration should be live around mid-January. Feel free to select in under the "UI kit" dropdown on the homepage and enter your email if you'd like to be notified when it's ready.

        1. 2

          Wonderful. Just purchased :)

          1. 1

            Thanks for buying! Reach out anytime if I can help with anything.

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    I'm building a way to generate a personalized podcast feed of articles you'd like to read later, at ListenLater.fm

    1. 1


      Are you open in teaming up with someone (pretty universal, technical, but not only) or do you want to be solo?

      Ive been working with RoR for 8 years as FED, so the stack is well known for me :)

      I wont hide, that you are doing the exact project i had in my mind for some time.

    2. 1

      Very interesting product. How's your progress so far?

      1. 1

        It’s going well. I use it every day, and we’ve got a good group of active users. It’s still early days, but I’m enjoying talking to users and improving the experience for them.

  5. 3

    I just announced this project yesterday: https://inter.so so me :)

    1. 2

      OH WOAH! You should get more spotlight from the #nocode community - it's a great concept!

  6. 2

    I'm a one person team building a website builder for single page apps.


  7. 2

    Analytics Tally allow you to build public dashboard for google analytics

    1. 1

      Interesting. What’s the biggest differentiator than Google Data Studio and the built in Custom Dashboard of GA?

      1. 1

        Personally I haven't used Google Data Studio but heard from some people that it was a bit complicated to create dashboard on Data Studio.

        I don't know if Analytics Tally is different or same as compared to what Data Studio can do, all it does is authenticate your google account, lets you choose website and generate a dashboard from the data collected. You don't have to do anything except that.

        In the future, I am hoping to add reporting feature.

        1. 1

          is dashboards built on google analytics still a thing? like do people make use of these?

          1. 1

            May be, may be not let's see how it goes

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    I have built a SaaS called awsom.me that allows influencers to create treats for their fans. I am very excited about it.

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    I am building a micro saas of creating a text based logo without wasting huge time for indie makers, entrepreneurs. The idea is text based logo doesn't need much time to create and the text itself will be a brand later like Sony, Google, Stripe, Indie Hackers and so on!

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    Hey Felix I am building this invoicing tool for customers who have been left in the lurch by wave. Tuaneka.com what do you guys think?

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    If you divide a macro Saas in two do you get two micro Saases? 🤓

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    @felix12777 I'm not sure if I fit your definition of Micro Saas—I think so?—I'm building Intro CRM!

    1. 1

      It does! Very cute website too ;)

      1. 1

        Thanks, @felix12777! Glad you like it :)

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    Hey Felix!
    I'm building Howitzer - a marketing tool for Reddit, made for Entrepreneurs and Indie Hackers.

    Would be glad if you check it out! :)

    1. 1

      Interesting @nklvlk - how does the product look like?

      1. 1

        We still haven't shared any images of the product (as the front-end details are done last), but it's a classic material web app :)

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    I'm building a project management platform for video production teams. Think Asana but specifically for video producers - does that count? :)


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    I have just convert a way of a marketer friend for collect emails to a saas in two days 🙂

    1. 1

      This is very interesting. Lean and clean!

  16. 0

    I am building Wappraiser (https://www.wappraiser.com/) a tool that provides the most valuable web metrics of a site in a single report.

  17. 0

    I'm building Hashtag Slayer (with my wife, @danicapierce). It's an Instagram marketing tool for hashtag strategy and optimization.

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    I'd have to say getlasso.co - the all-in-one plugin for affiliate marketers. We're doing just about everything different from a typical WP plugin. Free trial? Pay monthly instead of yearly? Team has three comma income expertise in the space? Whaaaa?

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    High converting email banners for startups & blogs. https://readercatch.com

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    I'm building a productivity platform for content teams: https://postpace.com :D

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    Building out a way for people to find email addresses from a domain name - https://lionleads.app

    1. 2

      Cool stuff. How’s your pricing model look like? I usually use Hunter, Rocketreach. How would you differentiate with them?

      1. 1

        Great question!
        Right now I have a limited amount of the data (50 emails from any domain) all for free. I am trying to measure if people find this useful, so I look for how many people click the upgrade button.

        It is similar to Hunter, but the emails I am giving are from a different source and I even have LinkedIn profiles. Also I am working on a way for the tool to give you a list of similar companies to the one you are looking at - this should provide a large differentiation.

        Just curious, would you use this over Hunter since I don’t have limits like hunter?

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