Who is still using Facebook? Why or why not?

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    I haven't deleted my Facebook account yet. 😟

    Mostly because I'm on a few groups. I know, I know. I should just leave.

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      Interestingly, I took the plunge and de-activated, then changed my mind and permanently deleted, my FB account this week. It was the groups which made this tricky for me, too, I didn't really use it for anything else.

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    I have read the article.
    If I were the CEO of Facebook, I would not agree to the demands of these advocacy groups.

    As for your question: I joined Facebook around 2005-2006 and I closed it in 2007 because I felt that it was helping me waste my valuable time.
    I do not think I will ever go back unless my business seriously demands it.

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    I'm still mainly involved with MarketingTech and the LifeTimeDeal Community on Facebook. It's a good place to get early traction and feedback. We know that the platform may be invasive and intrusive. Hoping there will be a time there will be move for communities to grow outside FB.

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    is this including whatsapp and instagram?

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    I deleted my account completely 3 years ago, but then had to make a new one a year ago as it was the best way to reach my existing network for Target2030.org charity updates. At least after taking a few years off the platform my addiction is well and truly gone - I only go on there occasionally and almost always charity related stuff. That said, they have their grubby fingers all over my data now :(

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    I keep mine just for Developer access as I have “Sign In With Facebook”. I have considered removing it so I can finally delete my Facebook account.

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    I only got on facebook last year. It is really lame platform IMO. Full of trash posts. When I go on there is for the purposes of understanding the local business scene and interacting with people who live closeby. I don't do this "local business" stuff on any other platforms.

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    Unfortunately, Facebook and Instagram are basically requirements for promoting a band :\

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    I was on the fence two years ago when someone strongly recommended I "just setup Pixel so--whenever you eventually make use of it--you don't regret not collecting more data"

    I'm glad I never did & don't intend on supporting their creepy data policies.

    I REALLY believed in FB from the beginning & held out for a long time too, but I can't ignore what they've become in the last 5+ years. I'll hold on to the personal account until I find the best way to export those contacts. Today, you're better off just never starting with them for business.

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    I left Facebook in October-ish of 2018...but didn't delete my account due to me needing to use it for work stuff. I've been on FB a total of 3 times since...and each time, I leave as soon as possible.

    Mostly, I left because of how terrible the discourse had become. And, honestly, a big reason for this was due to my parents being part of that terrible discourse. :(

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    I was an early adopter to fb (like probably most of us here). I created an account when myspace was still on top. Deleted it quite quickly then tried again a few years later. Deleted it again quite quickly. That was 2008 / 2009 and I've never, ever, once thought about joining it again... or any other social media for that matter.

    100% total time suck, and in my opinion built for people who are A) exhibitionists or B) nosey and voyeuristic.

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      Where do you go to find users? I go to social media because that is where people already are.

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        Most of my user acquisition is organic (I trend top of google for really good search terms for my product). Other than google display advertising works well for me.

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          I can relate to this, I have a few products like that also. Are you concerned about google changing the algo and all your traffic disappearing? It happened to me once where I got dropped for 1 month and user acquisition went to ~ 0 when normally I have 200-400/day. I'm not concerned with it because my product is free so I have no money tied to it but if I did, I would have been super anxious that one month and there was nothing I could do to fix it, just wait and hope. I like the organic traffic because once it starts happening it is a recurring influx and works well, but I don't want to have all eggs in one basket.

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    I technically still have a facebook account but haven't used it in years. I just signed in to see if anyone else is still using it, and I did, in fact, see many updates from people I knew in high school, or middle school, and even my grade 5 teacher. It was actually kind of nice to see - but not anything that feels very urgent or necessary, and I could see it getting addictive.

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    @rosiesherry Are you still on Facebook and if so, how do you use it?

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    Those who are having a Facebook account purely for business reasons, but is worried about your personal data or just hate seeing your 10 year old cringe post popping up randomly or hate seeing cringe stuff from your friends & family when logging into Facebook for managing your company page?

    Use this to Nuke your personal Facebook content without deleting your Facebook Account - https://github.com/weskerfoot/DeleteFB.

    But it's not a fire and forget. Facebook employs several sinister tricks in its trade to stop you from deleting 'your' content, one extreme case is that it randomly hides content when you're deleting and then the content comes alive after a year to haunt you when you visit your profile page(Think of liking a picture of a girl from your school 15 years ago, whom you have long forgotten, but that's the only post in your profile now!).

    I also modified the script or ran my own to unfollow everyone, every page, every other possible stuff and made it visible only to me(Sorry, I don't have that anymore).

    Personally, I have Facebook account because there are users for couple of my bots built in my previous startups and one of my products was even in their FbStart Accelerate program. But, I'm seriously considering retiring those for good and pulling off the plug on my Facebook account by the end of the year.

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    I use it less and less. These days, I see more and more addictive content promoted by FB vs posts by my friends. I deleted the app but check the website less frequently for updates. Turned out to be a great decision.

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    Groups, messenger, and friends I don't have contact info elsewhere keep me on Facebook. I usually navigate directly to the group or use https://messenger.com/ vs going to the main page. Only have the lite version of the app on my phone. Honestly I'd browse the newsfeed much more if it wasn't so slow to load nowadays.

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    I don't use the Facebook App but my friend group (30 somethings in Southern Ontario) is all on Facebook Messenger so pretty locked in :(

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    I use it for signing up on some sites/apps but I barely use Facebook, haven’t updated my wall in years

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    • Have been abandoned Facebook Ads for 1 years.
    • Can't deactivate personal FB account since there are way too many contacts out there to sacrifice.
    • Some small niche groups are still actively updated ~meaning they still provide values.
      So I can't leave Facebook just yet. :(
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      I feel you! I just limited the time I spend on it like going there only in the afternoon, especially in groups and as you said, for contacts. :(

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    I love Facebook. I can share with friends from all over the world pictures, messages, videos...
    All for free....And there are so many interesting FB group.

    This advertising pause about hate speech is like fake, I guess it's just because they lost $$ because of the corona, and they don't want to say publicly that. So they cut all the $$ that advertising cost them.
    No chance they won't come back and lose opportunities to reach billions of people.
    Really a joke this stupid trend, I don't think a sec that it's because of the "hate speech".

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      I think a lot of companies initially doing this kind of thing for the free PR involved. Then it's, well you better jump on board or face negative PR. Tricky situation.

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    I haven’t deleted it because I use the messenger to talk to business friends about once a week. But facebook itself I log on to once every 6 months or so. It’s Never a warm fluffy feeling logging in though.

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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