Who is you favorite "company of one"?

It doesn't necessarily have to be just one person. I'm talking about projects that started with one or a few founders and have found success without needing to add more people.

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    carrd by @ajlkn is one of my favorites

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      Right on! I love his story. Thanks for sharing!

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      Wow, did not realise @ajlkn is running it all alone! Amazing stuff!

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    Favorites of mine are:

    The projects by @baird & @nickfogle like Wavve (I'm comin' for ya' with my own https://superclip.io 😁), Duplikit and Zubtitle.

    @yongfook is doing an impressive job with Banner Bear.

    Endcrawl by @pliny and @acg is another great one.

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      Thanks for the mention. Just had a look at superclip and panicked for a moment, it’s really slick 😅 but I see that you’re doing these manually right now so I can chill for a bit!

      When you do manage to automate that though, it’ll be something very special. Word-by-word animation seems like one of those things that would be easy to automate, and if you have a time stamped transcript it’s simple enough. but the moment users are able to edit the text (which they inevitably want to do) it gets 100x more complicated. It’s something I’m working on too :)

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        Thanks! I'm really excited about how it's turning out, and I'm glad to hear your kind words!

        The tech is basically already automated except the UX around the editing around words and timing. It's a challenge!

        I think the space we're in has room for a lot of players. I like to call it the "template marketplace" type of space. People will pick based on the look and feel they like, and might even use more than one service to complement their needs.

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      Thanks for the mention. Appreciate that. And welcome to podcast tech game!

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        Thanks! It was fun to find out you two were experimenting with WNYC's audiogram stuff back in the day. I did too, but couldn't build a side-hustle back then because of conflict of interest with my then employer. :)

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      We are in fact a "company of four" but appreciate the Endcrawl mention! 👊

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        Close enough ;)

        Endcrawl is one of my favorite indie hacking stories to surface!

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        Your welcome! Hope you're doing well even with this year's shake-up in film production.

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    NomadList by @levelsio , my wife and I both love the story and that he's still going strong.

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      He's one of the classics! The DHH of the digital nomad world—divisive, entertaining and creator of something great for so many.

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    Marketing Examples by @harrydry, is such an inspiration for me and my parter to continue creating.

    He rocks! 🤘

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      Thanks for the tip. Followed him here on IH now. Cheers!

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    Along with @yongfook who is mentioned elsewhere in this comment section I like what @DannyPostma is doing.

    And have been a huge fan of Chris at @kintulabs

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      Thank for sharing. Do you have any good links to the stuff @DannyPostma and @kintulabs are working on? I'm not familiar with them from before.

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      Nice, didn't know about that one. Old school!

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    Paul Jarvis. I think!

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      I guess mentioning him in regards to "Company of One" is inevitable. Cheers!

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      What's his product/project?

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        look him up on youtube
        it's interviews mostly

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