Who should I follow to know more about the Creator Economy?

We made it!!

The Creator Economy group is now live on IndieHackers, I'm super excited to see what you all will share in this group and how this community will evolve!

To kicking it off, let's share our best resources about the Creator economy, I'm curious to know who you're following to be up to speed about the last trends.

Below, the people I'm following on Twitter that are bringing a lot of value :

  • Blake Robbins ( You should read his newsletter on Substack and take a look at his "Creator economics" channel on Youtube)

  • Tiffany Zhongg ( particularly active on Twitter, she's also adding a lot of value with her company "ZebraIQ")

  • Li Jin ( Her article on the passion economy on a16z is impressive)

  • Peter Yang ( Take some time to read his latest article on the super fan flywheel)

  • Hugo Amsellem (with his substack newsletter "Arm the creators")

  • Rex Woodburry( focusing on consumer Internet)

  • Ariel Renou ( and is Open-Ended Essay on Consumer Social)

Let me know if you knew them, and don't hesitate to share in the comments who you're following! 😎

@tzhongg @petergyang

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    I will give them a follow, thank you!

  2. 2

    Thanks I will be checking out these folks.

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    Nice! I've added several of these to my list. I've started compiling a Twitter list. Feel free to check it out: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1331063886569639936

    Josh Spector with "For the Interested" newsletter is a great one too.

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    Thanks for the list, and for running the group, excited to see how the creator economy changes in 2021 and beyond.

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    Hey, Good question.
    I recently listed all thought leaders and writers in the creator economy space.
    You can find their

    • Twitter handle
    • Newsletter link
    • a one-liner intro to their newsletter

    in the thread.
    Check it out here: https://twitter.com/sheidmirj/status/1332702233797005316?s=20

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    Thanks, I knew 2 of them. Interesting! Can't wait to see what you guys think about it. Let's leverage collective intelligence!

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    That's a great list. Do you have any insight on how they became so well known? Many indie hackers have a hard time building up awareness that they are part of the creator economy.

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      Hey, good question! Actually, some of them are not very well known and they would deserve way more followers. It's really difficult to raise awareness, my best advice would be to create valuable content consistently and don't hesitate to share it on different medium. Hope it helped you! 🔥

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    This is a great list, thanks for sharing! I've started exploring it a bit as well as I start to participate. In case you want to join for my learnings

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    The link for Ariel Renou seems to be https://twitter.com/rex_woodbury

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      Good catch, I changed it, thanks @kenta! 🙌

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    Sara Dietschy has a great podcast about the Creator Economy called That Creative Life.

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      Really cool I didn't know her, seems like she has top-notch guests, I'll listen to her podcast with Garry Tan today! 😉

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    Oh nice.

    I'd recommend having the habit of pinning useful post to the top of the group.

    Also, in the 'Resources' section of the group you can add links to appear on the right hand side of the group.

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      Actually I tried to find how to pin useful post to the top of the group but didn't find how to do it.. Would you mind giving some advices aha ? 😉

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        At the bottom right hand side of the screen is a light blue icon with a shield (?), click that.

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          Thank you!! 💪

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      Thanks @rosiesherry, I'm just starting posting on IH and I didn't know I could do that! 💪

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