Who wants an accountability partner?

Have you set goals for 2021?

Do you want to have check-ins with another maker about progress, wins, and losses? Cool, me too.

Comment your top goals. If you share similar goals to what someone else posted, feel free to connect. No obligations.

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    Hey Matt! Great idea! I'm looking to 2021 to start building out my own brand, start my blog and tackle my MVP.

  2. 2

    Hey Matt, a bunch of us just start writing daily about our goals over at Lifelog, and would benefit from having accountability partners! Would like to invite you to join us. I think it's also be super interesting to read about your progress on your 2021 goals!

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      Hey Jason, there's a need gap - Buddy Training for anything and everything posted on my problem validation platform.

      Would Lifelog be solving that?

      1. 2

        Hey Abhishek, hmmm Lifelog's not a fitness app unfortunately.

        That aside, never knew about needgap site - looks awesome!

        1. 1

          Thanks, actually the OP sights fitness as just one example in that thread and explicitly asks for 'anything and everything' I thought Lifelog's premise was a good fit after checking it out.

          1. 1

            Thanks for validating! Would love to have you join us on Lifelog!

    2. 1

      Thanks for the offer, but I'm not looking to pay anything.

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    I'm building ReviewBolt.com which is a competitor research tool that reveals how companies are growing. It reviews their Google ads, Facebook ads, what people people are saying about them and who their competitors are.

    My second but most ambitious SaaS project. The goal initially is to get 1,000 monthly visitors.

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    My 2021 goals:

    • Build twitter audience to 1000 (from 450)
    • Give #BuildInPublic a serious try
    • Write 12 Blog Posts
    • Launch 6 new web-based tools focused on graphics (including SVG Textures, color palette maker)
    • Reach $5000 MRR (from $500/MMR)
    1. 2

      Solid what do you write about?

      1. 1

        My writing will be centered around design and #buildinpublic

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