Who wants to come and learn community building with me?

Sometimes it feels weird being in part indie world and part startup land. But here I am, enjoying the journey and with a goal of doing good community building things.

I've been evolving my thinking (through Orbit and Rosieland), around community building and would love to share all the things that I'm thinking about these days.

As part of this, I'm hosting 3 community building sprints — ie 1 week learning cohorts on community building.

I'm doing this with a work colleague, via Orbit and it's all completely free. 🎉

Our mission is really to help as many people as possible build better communities and my hope is that by doing this we will learn as much from you as you will from us!

I'm not 100% sure if we'll do this again as things change quickly. I hope you'll consider joining. 💜

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    I am confused with what Orbit.love does. If I have a community in Circle.so, I can connect it with Orbit via Zapier, correct? From there I can see what's trending based on keywords?

    Is this like Google Analytics for communities?

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      Hey, good question. Also tagging in @diealvarado.

      Think of it like a mix of community analytics and a crm, it's not quite either, but as a starting thinking point, it's a good way to look at it.

      The idea is that Orbit pulls in data from your chosen places, as community doesn't exist in one place. People are everywhere. On Slack/Discord, email, Social, Discourse/forums. Community members can attend events too, so hooking up Orbit to data from that is powerful too.

      There are official integrations (Discord, Discourse, GitHub, and more), then there's the ability to use Zapier, or hook up via API.

      When you take into consideration that communities are distributed, your people are everywhere and traditionally it has been so difficult, or impossible to connect the data points — with the view of building better community.

      One aspect is that it creates profile pages for members so that you can see when people are active in different community spaces. Another aspect is using the Orbit Model framework to help people build better community. You can see who your most active people are, those who are on the periphery, all the way through to your biggest fans/advocates.

      So, yes, you can hook it up to Circle via Zapier. Then you can customize the view of data to whatever is most useful to you.

      There are so many ways it can be used.

      Indie Hackers , for example, could benefit a lot from hooking it up to Twitter and the website. They could then get some really interesting insights into who is active where. People active and supporting via the IH Twitter are equally as much community members, as those who show up here on the website, imho.

      Here is another simple example. 😊

      I actually use it for my personal Twitter too, it's good fun and a nice way to test out some of the features.

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        Thanks for the explanation Rosie. Now it makes sense to me! :)

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      I am also confused with Orbit, I believe this is like google analytics for communities. I believe we need to have a big community to realized the usage.

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    I'll do my best to attend, this is really cool!

    Thanks for organizing this!

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    How timely! This looks excellent. Thank you!

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    This looks awesome. Can’t wait!

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    Just signed up. Thanks for organizing this!

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    This sounds like and awesome oppurtunity! Thanks for extending the invite @rosiesherry!!

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    Done. looking forward!

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