Who's Building a Twitter Tool?

Hi fellow Indie Hackers and Twitter lovers!

There are a ton of new Twitter tools popping up. There are bookmark organizers, DM CRMs, schedulers, thread composers, image-makers, auto-retweeters, and more.

If you are building a Twitter tool, comment below, and let's support each other!

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    Not a 100% twitter tool but https://www.MagicPattern.design can help you design unique & stunning backgrounds for your tweets with a few clicks, literally.

    In the next few weeks/months, MagicPattern will even include social media templates natively into the web app.

    Happy to learn your thoughts!

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    I'm working on PipeSocial a tool that helps you organize your twitter DM!

    You can register to the waiting list on https://pipesocial.io

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    My entry is favo.so - a new home for your Twitter Likes. Started as a way to get weekly emails with your favorite Tweets, since a few days there is now also a web app for viewing your Likes as well.

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    I’m working on CrowdFox (@tryCrowdFox, CrowdFox.io). An app to help you turn followers into customers and grow an authentic Twitter following based on actual things I did to grow my account from 300 to 40,000.

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    I am working on Hyperjump, a Twitter-based, marketing platform that allows businesses to get their content in front of thousands of future customers and fans using customized tweets.

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    I'm building tweeteveryday.com, which is more of a service than a tool!

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    Are you aware of a tool to export Bookmarked tweets? That's something I've wanted. Last I tried downloading my data the bookmarks were not included.

    One idea on my list is a browser extension for a particular Twitter community.

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      Check out https://getdewey.co for Twitter bookmarks. It's a brand new app so haven't tried it out myself yet.

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        Awesome thanks! I am glad I’m not alone in wanting that!

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      Haven’t come across a tool to export bookmarks. But @boristane is working on BKMark, which helps organize bookmarks.

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