Who's starting something new ✨ this month?

This month, I started working on a painless reflective journaling tool: GlowAndGrow

I would be interested to know if anyone else started working on a project/app this month.

Let us know in the comments! 👋

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    I'm making a better way to search Reddit for potential users/customers.
    Originally inspired by a $0 indie hacker marketing budget, kicked off today by the top Reddit search engine being down for 2 weeks for an infrastructure transition.
    Going to see if I can launch an MVP by Monday!

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      Any workaround for their hideously designed (probably on purpose) web app would be great!

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        still very much an MVP - but here's my reddit keyword search tool - gummysearch.com/reddit

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      Yeah, don't forget to inform us when you launch.😁😁

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        still very much an MVP - but here's my reddit keyword search tool - gummysearch.com/reddit

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      Your idea sounds awesome! Always looking for ways to get good, organic leads so I'd be interested in keeping tabs on this.

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        still very much an MVP - but here's my reddit keyword search tool - gummysearch.com/reddit

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      That’s a neat idea! Would love to try it out. Lmk when it goes live! 🚀

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        still very much an MVP - but here's my reddit keyword search tool - gummysearch.com/reddit

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          Nice! I think that would prove to be very helpful.

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      Good luck with GlowAndGrow! I'm a fan of reflective journaling, although I do a slightly different version of it. I log daily data every night, and reflect on that day and plan out tomorrow. That being said, I don't do a great job of writing down all of my learnings, reflections, and musings.

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        Thanks so much for your support. I’ll let you and the community know when it launches!

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    Although not something new but I will be officially launching https://ruttl.com/ to the public! Can't wait to get there soon!

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      Loved the landing page design! Best of luck!

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        Thank you so much! Glad that you liked it!

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    I just finish creating my landing page https://www.logname.dev .

    It is a portfolio/resume website for developers.

    I created this mostly out of my frustration with LinkedIn walled garden. You can read it more here .

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      Neat! Great initiative!

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    Been working on a product for a while but I got laid off from my job last Friday (company got bought out), taking it as a blessing with a good amount of runway and some part time freelance lined up. Working towards applying for an Arch Grant in St. Louis, MO, and if anyone has ever applied to that program or one like it I'd love some tips!

    I've been able to work on my product for 2 days so far full time 9-5 and I feel like I just took a senzu bean for product development haha – looking to release hopefully before the end of the month at this rate, projected Spring while I had a day job.

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      Sorry about that, Drew. Well, best of wishes! 👏

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        It's all good! We're going to rock our products!

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    Launched early access for lastform.com

    "If Typeform and Gravity Forms had a baby..."

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      Haha love it! Just signed up for early access :)

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    Started StartupCrunch.co a daily startup news newsletter for free

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      Nice! May I ask what email marketing/newsletter tool you use for delivery?

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        As a starting getrevue.co offering free newsletter services so I choose that for sending newsletter

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    Working on Referralrabbit. My goal is to develop the MVP this month,.

    Whish all of you much success!

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    Ran into an old friend, starting out together on a Webapp in the employment and careers space. Been sitting on this idea for maybe 6 yrs. stoked to see what we can bring to life. Also scared as hell about selecting a host and paying for AWS/Firebase etc. The unknowns to the billing is overwhelming. React/js.node stack.

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      That tech stack is my fav too!

      Best of luck - and make sure to keep the community updated!

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    I started working on a cross-browser tab management tool and continuing strong into this month! https://polyl.ink.

    Follow the Polylink journey here! https://twitter.com/polylink_io

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      Love the idea! Thanks for sharing!

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    I am working on Decolama.com. It is currently just a used and non-used furniture marketplace(haven't added any products, the products in the website are dummy). I am planning to run this for sometime, if the market feedback is negative, I'll pivot into something better.(like furniture subscription service or something like yelp for furniture).

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      Nice - love the name!

      1. 1

        Haha! I procrastinated about a week to find a good name.

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    I started writing an Android version of an app I made not too long ago called Pomodoro Noise. I'm hoping to have it launched sometime in February on Google Play.

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      Nice intuitive! Let the community know when it’s live! 👍

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        Well thank you! It actually is available for iPhone now, but I will definitely come back and update once the Android version is out.

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          Nice! I believe I remember seeing your launch on product hunt.

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    I really like your idea. I never tried journaling, although i try to keep track of my habits and what to improve on some habit tracker apps. Best of luck!

    For me im planning a new subscription box business. This is completly new to me, I never worked on a physical product before.

    1. 1

      Thanks, @Psycholisk!

      Nice idea, thanks for sharing. Best of luck!

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    Just launched my first mobile game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Shoneyscoffee.Slingshotting

    And now building my first VR game :D

    btw. nice idea man

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      Gravity Insanity is pretty cool😊😎.

    2. 2

      Thanks, nice game too! Pretty cool. 😎

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    Started looking into converting my side project https://www.gameswithgran.com/ from a web app into a mobile app - so far Ionic looks the most promising option.

    1. 3

      lol thats such a cool idea

    2. 2

      Games with gran's market entry is timed correctly. Nice man.

      1. 1

        I actually first had this idea in March 2020 during the first lockdown (UK) and nearly started it then - but as many did, I thought this will all be over in a few months....

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          Haha well you know you’re in the right path then :)

          Best of luck!

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      Cool! I've been thinking of starting GlowAndGrow as a web app, and once it gains popularity/enough requests, I'll create a mobile version.

      What tools are you using to make this mobile app?

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        One thing that has really surprised me from early visitor Analytics is the number of people using Mobiles in my niche. As a developer I am at a PC all the time and rarely faff around using apps on my phone beyond things that need to be mobile like exercise tracking . Other people are not like us and are on their phones far far more often than a PC.

      2. 1

        My favourite so far is Ionic. Flutter is promising, but would need to learn a new programming language (Dart) and am wary of Googles habit of killing things off. If I hadn't already built an MVP as a web app (heavy client javascript and Node.js) I would probably have looked to Xamarin as primarily a C# developer.

        1. 1

          Nice. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    I started marketplace for entrepreneurs (of all stage companies) and marketers, you can see it on goodilla.com

    It's just an MVP, so there can be some mistakes yet, but every feedback is welcome :)

    1. 2

      Neat idea! I'll keep this in mind for the future.

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    I didn't start development this month but I'm launching beta before the end of this month. https://videofork.co/ - easy to use browser based animation tool for startups and solo entrepreneurs. focusing on simplicity and low cost.

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    Hey 👋,

    I am creating a knowledge sharing platform(alpha).


    Feedbacks appreciated.🚀

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    I am working on a reverse proxying SaaS product ( https://vcdn.it ) and seeking users for early beta tests 🧐

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    I'm busy opening up a service that allows mobile developers to send transactional emails to users, such as a welcome email or emails following a user action, without requiring a server side. I'm offering the first 100 startups 100 emails for free.

    you can register here: http://madmimi.com/signups/e04dcc91b2c6445a98bba8feb3e45fff/join

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    Working on idea validation of Teyzz (teyzz.com). It's been a week connecting to social media managers. So want more feedbacks to refine it.

    So what can be the best forums or groups to connect with them.

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      Nice idea and landing page! Great job! 👏

      1. 1

        Thanks :) But still kinda figuring out whether people would be paying for it or not.

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    Anyone up for a game or a drink?
    www.locospartygame.net is just launched.

    1. 1

      Congrats on the launch! 🎉

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    Hey Brayden, love the concept of GlowAndGrow!
    I'm a huge fan of active daily reflection... Once owned the domain "reflect.today" and built a little daily reflection app that integrated with Google Drive. Forgot to renew the domain 🙈.

    I'm finally building my MVP for https://workbook.app - workbooks on the web...

    1. 1

      Haha whoops! Thanks for the compliment.

      Great initiative! I’ll hopefully be in that step soon with GlowAndGrow :)

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    Launched beta signup for first 500 users for https://www.getgroupbuy.com/

    1. 1

      Good luck! That looks like a nice idea! Best of wishes!

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    This month I started gymming!

    1. 1

      Same here! Tough habit to keep, but the benefits are awesome!!

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    Me! I've just started "soft launching" https://getproductfit.com . Hoping to get some early validation to decide what to do with it next!

    1. 2

      Great job! Best of wishes!

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