Who's working on their project this weekend? What are you building?

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    My almost 10 years old friend (Celebrates 10 years in September), one of my first projects ever. Completely new code from the ground up with a bunch of improvements. About time..

    Oh, it's a site for refurbished books for students, where they may buy books from their school mates.

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      Love this. Much needed in all education ecosystems around the world.

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      Thank gosh. The school text book industry at least here in the USA needs to be completely rebuilt. Imo 💗

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        It's in Swedish though, and this is the current site that's Im rewriting:

        https://begagnadeskolbocker.se ("refurbishedSchoolBooks") (Oh.. It's darn slow too..)

        The new site will include almost 4 times the database of books with more information, better price comparison (where to buy the book new) and also a new message system (Currently when you want to buy a book, you are paired with the seller only by email and has to carry out the sale by yourself).

        The new message system looks more like a message type conversation ("whatsapp" and so on) with built in payment + shippinginstructions.

        A big issue with the current site is fraud, so I've tweaked in a way better "anti fraud methodology" that hopefully will hold.

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    Hey! Actually working on my project that aimed to come in a rescue for people who stares at monitor for 24/7.
    This is first attempt on the appstore to do such a eye yoga https://apps.apple.com/us/app/clipclip-your-eye-doctor/id1577593833

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      This is awesome. Definitely spend far too long staring at my screen each day...

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      I’m into this. I want to know how many hours it took you to build?

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        Thanks :3
        I guess from 20 to 30 hours ti build an mvp

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    Back at maintaining https://techstartups.space.

    Also launched v1 of https://internetblog.co, feeling good about it so far, but waiting on feedback!

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    Heyo! Over this weekend we've been working on finalising our Notion dashboard to help people ideate, source and order their next product! We have a strong MVP built and looking for a few more beta testers. If anyone on this form is interested shoot me a message on Twitter (hugh_dawkins) or at [email protected]. Find out more about it here (https://www.indiehackers.com/product/product-hq).

    Note, all you need is a free Notion account and we will share the link to access our dashboard.

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      Followed you on Twitter :)

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        Just followed up on Twitter!

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    I am working on my side project Throngalong.

    A SaaS tool to help you convert strangers on Twitter to friends and customers.

    To stay motivated, I could really use some feedback. https://throngalong.com

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    I'm testing my app for release this year: https://www.weightwagerapp.com/

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      The top of your headline is cut off for me on Desktop web. Something to fix.

      You might want to post in #roast-my-landing-page in the Indie Worldwide (https://indieworldwide.co/) slack group for more feedback to optimize your page before you launch.

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    I am! 😉
    I just messaged 70 founders to see if any of them would talk to me about their mental health challenges.
    I’m tired but I MUST get a post up otherwise it will look like I haven’t done anything all month. Which is not true.

    What are you working on Anthony?

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      Spent all Saturday hacking away on https://productroast.co/

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