Why are we not test running sales on the internet?

Maybe it's just me, maybe others have figured it out.

I've been too narrowly focused on building a SaaS while there are people writing paid newsletters, courses and making way more than I do from mine ($0)

Although the profits and margins may not be significant...

The product may not look impressive...

What is impressive is the process.

Except for writing code, everything else about doing these things is the same (understand your audience, problems... you know what I'm talking about)

The downside is, well you wasted a week or so trying to do it.

The upside is, you get to learn how to sell on the internet with a lower fidelity product and you don't waste much time.

The skills you learn from that could be transferred in building your SaaS.

Am I early or late in coming to this realisation?

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    Well, in the end, it's about product-market fit, right?
    For instance, nowadays everybody wants to get rich overnight, so there's a huge demand for such products, comparing to the niche you are targeting.

    I very much agree with your point that it's about the lessons. Ray Dalio, an American investor, back in the days used to write down every investment decision he made and the reasons behind those decisions.

    I'm doing a similar thing, and I believe this approach has a huge potential: it's deadly helpful to keep track of the experiments you're making, the expectations, the results, and the learnings. It helps you iterate faster, as well as compound the knowledge you acquire over time.

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      Yes I started that habit last week, had a notion template before...but there is something about writing your decision that makes it feel more real.

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