Why are we not using Discord as much as Slack?

I switched from slack to discord for daily communication with my remote team same day I tried it. We liked it for following reasons -

  • Screensharing, unlimited messages in free plan
  • Whole team stays active in a voice channel and it is much easier to ask a quick query or make a joke,
  • Remote working gets more human

Curiosity and google took me to Slack vs Discord article for the detailed version.

But would like to hear from you?

  1. 2

    I like discord's screenshare and voice and general interface & UI. But slack's thread is great if there are many conversations going on. But that is not a problem for a team.

    I think Discord has been more popular for gamers and thus young generations. Slack was created for business communication.

    1. 1

      I think because Discord was created to target gamers, it does a better job to keep the people stay connected remotely.

  2. 1

    I find myself always wanting to turn off notifications and minimize use of Slack as much as possible. It's a distraction factory.

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