Why do I keep getting more ideas? 😥

Hi Indiehackers,

As you might know, I have been working on a new web app idea:

GlowAndGrow - Painless and effective growth journaling.

Glowandgrow screenshot

The problem

At the time, it sounded like a good idea. And it still does.

However, every few days I think of an even better idea that would:

  • Be more profitable 🤑
  • Have a more specific audience
  • And is something I would much rather work on

However, if this keeps happening and I keep ditching ideas, I might lose my mind! 🤯


A bit of background, I am not too deep into development of GlowAndGrow. I am still developing the idea.

Any advice here is welcome.


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    Just remember that when you have a new idea, you are in a "honeymoon phase" when you're super excited. And your exisiting idea that you've been working on for a while is probably past the "honeymoon phase" and less exciting, and may be running into roadbumps which makes the new idea seem even more appealing.

    I would recommend just writing down new ideas, brainstorming or even prototyping if you need to get it "out of your system" but then revisiting the new ideas in a few weeks to more objectively decide whether the new idea is actually better than your existing one.

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      “Honeymoon phase” is 100% accurate!

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      Great analogy! Thanks for sharing this method. I’ll be sure to try it out over the coming weeks.

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    Personally I think this is totally normal. Ideation is a muscle. You get better and better at it the more you do it.

    So it's only natural to keep thinking of better ideas, as you exercise that muscle and learn more about what makes a "good idea" for you.

    That said, I think even in an early stage it is important to also build the "shipping" muscle. It's no good having ideas if you don't learn how to follow through with them.

    So if you're in an early stage, I would keep your project scope super simple (core features, realistic success criteria) ship it, see who is interested, get feedback - and if the feedback is bad and the passion isn't there, only then would I move onto a better idea.

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      Got it - thanks for the tips!

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    Opened up reddit and this one was on top; http://www.paulgraham.com/13sentences.html

    One of the sentences suggests not to give up, along with avoiding distractions and demoralizations, etc.

    I've been feeling down for the past weeks, keep thinking "If I can't find 10 people all around the world who'd pay me $10 for what I offer. What am I even doing?". Money is not a perfect motivator for some people but it can be a great metric since it's easily measurable.

    N users within a month, or drop it without guilt. Time-boxing and having clear goals also helps with decision making, trimming down unnecessary features, encourages to get out of comfort zone, etc.

    So glowandgrow, it was an application you'd love to have so have it, finish it. Keep it simple, use yourself see where it stays short, improve. That was the goal so no reason to drop it. But I suggest to finish it, without making it pretty or perfect. It's a better habit to have instead of dropping them.

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    Don't flipp around like a punching ball. If you started with one Idea, note the others to a list and reschedule it each two weeks. Check each 2 weeks if your Idea is still mind-blowing for you and priorise them from best one to worst one.

    If you finished your first project, you will have the next to start with - the one at the very top at your list.

    This way you can be sure to stay focused on the current project and start with a next promising one after it.

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      Such great advice! I’ll have to try that. Thanks!

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        Your welcome. I also do it like that an think it works well.
        Currently I do have two additional projects in my pipeline where it's really hard to wait to start with it. One is in planning since >6 Month, the other one, round about 1,5 Year. Planning is still going on each two weeks.

        If you like you can follow me, I try to write articles here on IH for each of those Projects and decisions I made.

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          Sure, thanks your help!

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    This is very normal behavior. The grass is always greener on the other side. It happens to me too, many many years ago and still to this day, though to a lesser extent. Even when I already have a business generating revenue, I still think that other ideas/business/apps are cooler than mine and would often envision what it would be like if I had pursued other ideas instead.

    I'd stick to your current project, at least until I have put in considerable amount of time and effort to validate if people actually want to pay money for, instead of jumping from one thing to another. The other day I heard from this YouTuber saying "Don't be like a slut jumping from one thing to another".

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      Thanks for your help @wellymulia. I’ll keep this in mind.

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    I recently read an interview ( can’t remember who ) where the author forces himself to wait two weeks before doing anything with an idea. This gives himself time to let it soak and see what it looks like with 14 nights sleep.

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      Yep, that has been a repeating in this post. I think I am going to try that. Seems promising.

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    I'd pick a concrete timebox and no matter what go all-in during that time period!

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      Haha - I’ll keep that in mind!

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    I always have the same problem! My wife told me FOCUS on my current project. You will often feel like "oh this next idea will reach profitability quicker", "everybody is going to want this! My old idea isn't going anywhere!" And I guarantee you the cycle will repeat with your next idea. Stick to your plan at least for a bit and give it your all. If you have heard even one person say "Glow and Grow sounds pretty awesome" then stick to it. That means there are others.

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      Thanks for your advice! Means a lot. Nice project btw!

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      ps my current project is https://polyl.ink. Painstakingly simple which drives somebody like myself who enjoys complex problems absolutely MAD.

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    Finish and release your idea, then move on to the next best one. Execution > better idea. That's also why I have a section in my notebook to write down any/all ideas I come up with along the way, because it's too frustrating to think about them.

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      Nice, I’ll be sure to remember that.

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    I feel like that's fine as long as you remember that not every idea will make you money or any money at all. Once that's in your head, then making stuff for practice or just for fun isn't a terrible idea at all in terms of growth. I come up with lots of ideas, the only difference is I go through with them to the end. Even though I don't make money, I still learned a lot of from the project which I still value. Another project to my portfolio.

    Also, how do you embed gifs on a post like that?

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      So true. I have to keep reminding myself that:

      Brayden, remember a good idea doesn’t mean it makes money!

      Thanks for your help.

      Btw, if you know how to add a image to markdown, its the same for a gif, just different url ofc.

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    I also have initiatives like you. I started out on a whim and then saw better ones. I will turn to the better ones but I am turning my enterprise into automatic profit generation. I shot 365 videos for social media accounts. I will schedule one to be shared every day. Then I will continue with my other projects. 365 video = Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok (There are no automatic plans on TikTok. Manuel.)

    I shot the videos in 6 hours. I'm editing the 85th video. I will end today and plan. Then I will work on other projects all year because this will bring unlimited money.

    I advise. :)

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      That’s pretty cool! Thanks for your words of advice.

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