Why don't we approach marketing in the same way as product features?

Why is it that we put Marketing and Branding in their own separate boxes from the rest of our business activity? Why do we think of them as mysterious, abstract things that we're just never going to have time for?

A few days ago, someone posted the popular video of a flock of sea birds running away from a wave, with a very relatable caption, into a group* I'm a part of :

seabirds running from a wave on the beach

" All dev founders when it's time to do some marketing"

and, judging by the comments from the rest of the group, people really felt seen.

In my new blog post I discuss the tactics I've been using to help my clients (and myself!) improve on specific channels simply by using the same user testing and validation techniques you would apply to feature development on your products.

No rocket science, no fluffy stuff, just learning and iterating. The same things you're already doing in the rest of your business :)
Maybe a user test or two on your homepage could make all the difference!

*(The group is WomenMake - go check it out!)

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    The links on your menu items on the blog post page don't work.

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      Thank you for letting me know! Looks like there is something on with my SSL certs - I'm investigating :)

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    I’m definitely no expert, but maybe because founders think it’s the right way because everyone else is doing it and has been doing it that way for years.

    All it takes is for one to break off from the rest of the iceberg to really shake up things in this dry desert of a field.

    1. 1

      That's a really great point Brayden thank you! I agree that sometimes it can be so easy to just look at what everyone else is doing, or the few people who've managed to get really far with little to no marketing effort.

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