Why Dribbble accepts only credit card as a payment?

I’ve been trying to start Pro plan for my Dribbble and at the checkout all of my cards have been declined. After a few moments, I realized that Dribbble doesn’t accept simple debit cards, but only credit cards.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any reliable explanation of it in the support/FAQ section. And it’s the very first time I’m facing such situation with payment for online service.

Does anybody know a reason for such policy?

Edit: it looks that Dribbble despite info in FAQ accepts debit cards. After a short email to support, an error in checkout disappeared & they enabled me to pay with a traditional debit card.

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    What? Such things still happen? Last time I had such problem maybe 10 years ago, back when debit cards couldn't pay in internet.

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    Recently I had similiar issues with AirBnB. They declined both of my cards. I didn't check if they accept both credit and debit cards though. I was using debit.

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    This sounds super odd to me. How did you come to this conclusion; given that you've stated there's no mention of it in their documentation?

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      It is mentioned in their FAQ section that they accept only credit cards. They just don’t say why only credit cards.

      Moreover - I tried to pay with my bank card, Revolut and so on. All of those cards (which are debit cards) have been declined.

      I’m simply curious why they choose such policy - it’s not that usual for online services (I use many and never had such issue).

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