Why I Launched a Grant Program, Why I Am Excited, and Why It Might Fail

Hi everyone! Happy to announce a project I’ve been working on for a little while - the Hyperjump Grant Program.

I was inspired by other grant programs that focus on veterans, but decided to keep it open to everyone.

WeWork also did something similar years ago (The Creator Awards), but awarded $20,000,000+ in cash, not office space credit. Something they probably regret now.

As a saas company though the upside is high:

  • Rewarding to help people with something they care about
  • More people hear about Hyperjump
  • Fresh content to share
  • Winners might become paying customers
  • Gain testimonials

Downside is low:

  • Opportunity cost/lose time

Planning to do this quarterly right now. But will have to pull the plug if there aren’t enough applications or they aren’t very good (like a subscription service that tells you how much various things weigh on different planets each month).

Hope to see many of you apply. Deadline is December 15. I’ll be reviewing many of the applications myself!

Hyperjump is awarding a total of $5,000 in credit to help three deserving entrepreneurs get more Twitter followers, web traffic, and paying customers (maybe their first ones!).

If you are unfamiliar, Hyperjump sends your most successful piece of content to thousands of carefully selected Twitter users each month from your personal or company account.

1st Place - $2,500
2nd Place - $1,500
3rd Place - $1,000

Batch and Deadline
Winter 2020 Tuesday, Dec 15
Spring 2021 Sunday, March 15
Summer 2021 Monday, June 15

Apply here https://hyperjump.co/#grant 🚀

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