July 29, 2019

Why I quit my job

Hernán Sartorio @hernansartorio

Hello! Long time lurker here. I recently quit my job to take a mini-retirement and work on my own stuff for a while. Today I published a post on my personal blog explaining more about the decision:

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    That's a great story, thanks for sharing! I think you'll find a lot of similarly minded people here on Indie Hackers.

    Something else to consider: you may want to give the FIRE thing a try. Basically, living really frugally so that you can afford to either take time away from work or retire early, and spend your time on things that truly make you happy. Mr. Money Mustache has some really awesome writing on that topic.

    Also, I think you'll find some unique challenges with your new independent lifestyle. Eg. it can be tempting to ditch your sleep schedule and start waking up and going to sleep whenever you want. If any of that happens don't be discouraged though. It's normal and like anything else you just have to figure out ways around the obstacles.

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      Thank you! Seems like it :)

      I've read about FIRE and a bit of Mr. Money Mustache yes. It's very interesting.

      It's not really a new lifestyle for me, I've actually never officially worked from an office. Before my previous job I worked on my own small businesses, always from home, so I'm pretty used to it. But it can be challenging yes, it's important to find your rhythm and have some sort of routine.

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    congrats! I was in a very similar situation, fully-remote software developer with an awesome company. After 4 years decided to take some time for myself to grow and jam on some of my own ideas. so I quit and am currently 2 months into a central america surfing/backpacking trip and loving it. Godspeed!

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      Thanks! That's awesome. Very similar indeed, I'm also traveling right now, 3 weeks in on a 3-month trip. Cheers!