Why I started following back everyone

Hello IH! 😍

I'm a web developer & I like building side-projects and sharing the learnings on Twitter/other social media/communities like IH.
I also try to "build in public" to get some traction for my own Twitter and my side-projects' also.

Follow-for-follow type of things didn't sit well for me for a long time, but it changed once I became an "indie hacker" (and once I had something to sell lol).

Following back a new follower can be valuable because you get to see what people that follow you talk about, retweet or comment --> and you can use these to tailor your content to better suit them.

It also makes it easier to engage with your own audience almost effortlessly.

I know a lot of people hate follow-for-follow type of posts and I wanted to share my side of things on why I personally do it! I'm curious what you think of this, please share your opinion below in the comments. 😀

(If you're interested in my journey & stats of my current project like views, subscribers, etc, then please consider following me on Twitter)

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    Yeah, I've come to similar conclusions with Twitter. The more accounts I follow, the more opportunities for engagement I get.

    Of course, that reduces the quality of the timeline a bit, but that's not a huge deal either way. Followed!

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      I even set my timeline to display the newest tweets so I can engage with new content that has the chance to go viral.
      Followed back!

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    btw, how are you going to monetize your newsletter?

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      Honestly I'm not sure yet.

      Obvious one would be to give more ideas per report for paid members, but I'd want to give more value than this. Maybe some more benefits, like data to help choose ideas...

      I'm thinking out loud, but if you have any suggestions I'm happy to have it :)

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        I wonder what will happen to users who will find the idea? Would they still be interested in the newsletter? How about another newsletter for them with some tips for growing? Maybe the other one should be paid?

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          You're right, that's a problem I'll have to address ASAP.

          Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately I'm not the best writer, nor am I experienced enough in marketing to create that kind of newsletter.
          Although it'd be the best opportunity to practice both of those skills, but I wouldn't feel good to charge for teaching marketing when I'm not that good

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      I saw, cheers! I'm interested how Calendesk evolves!:)

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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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