Building in Public November 30, 2020

Why I think curating free material works best for growth


We are building a company around remote work and distribution of talent around the globe. It all started after starting to work from home at my old company.

I soon realised that the vibe and culture of the team quickly got impacted after week two. Meeting on casual Zoom happy hours and other casual chats didn't bring the serendipity or connection with my team anymore. Videocall conversations were only focused around work and our jokes around the office didn't translate into Teams. Soon realized that our team needs some good activities to do online. By good I mean, curated and easy to plan, no hassle when organizing, no wasting my time deciding or browsing the web.

It turns out I am not alone on this. Other colleagues of mine have had the same struggles and we constantly asked for advice or cool events with our teams. We kind of share a lot with each other. Part of my side hustle is to build a project that could soon convert into full time. The biggest step was the realization that building will never be as difficult as distribution. I have been following some successful projects and some other that are less successful and I can tell you, the audience is all.

This is probably the biggest take away from the article. I am constantly thinking about distribution. This is why after seeing some successful cases, I have decided to create what I believe follows the first rule on the internet, always give before asking for anything else.

We believe the problem is huge, and many remote teams are already facing a lack of engagement with their colleagues and personal wellness. This is where I thought giving away a guide could work out. People and especially your audience, appreciate resources and tools to tackle the situation. Is like people that want to grow on Twitter and they are looking for a guide on how to do it (free resources or even paid ones are well suited). The guide is focusing on teams that are looking into Christmas activities to do with the team virtually.

Why do I believe this is the best lever to leverage growth?

Again, give before asking. When you put out there on the internet you need to build a profile, a reputation and gain people's trust. It all boils down into building your brand, being useful to other people that are in a similar situation. This is no random, the initial place to capture emails and attention. The first ladder for the funnel - awareness. Because my target audience is Linkedin, I have shared the link there, and wait for the like and comment magic to happen.

In the first 3 days, I've managed to capture 40 emails, is not crazy but it's a beginning. Persistence and adding value to each new publication is the best way to build your audience.

I have also started building in public on my account and shared a monthly investor update (even though I have no investors), but it helps me be more diligent, accountable and set feasible objectives.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you found this useful. If you have any questions, ask me anything and I'll try to give you my best answer. 🙏

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    Good to hear your project is doing well @joalavedra

    Like I said before, I you need any support from Virtual Mojito, please reach out ;) All the best!

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    Great post! Those who can’t create, curate*

    *and annoyingly succeed because gathering the best of a bunch of creatives > just one creative’s work

    It's exactly the reason we began building

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      Thanks! love your project, I believe this could be huge too if influencers and people that usually have a public list on Spotify want to monetize it :D

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