Why interruptions are frustrating to developers - a deep dive

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    Interesting post! I Will definitely share it with my team.

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    Very good piece, thanks for sharing it :)

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      Thank you! I appreciate that 😊

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    Good piece.

    It wasn't until I had to code full-time for a few months that I finally got the difference between the depth of concentration I needed to run a marketing operation versus the level needed to build a complex Rails app.

    Still haven't managed to explain the difference to my co-workers in a way that they get, though...

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      Thanks so much!

      Maybe bring in a deck of cards and have them build a focus tower 😊.

      I was hoping with the extra visuals the article might appeal to non developers, but I got a bit carried away explaining the layers.

      Could maybe send your coworkers my Twitter thread, it's a pretty good summary.

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    Nice! I was expecting a fairly standard article about "Do no interrupt programmers", but was pleasantly surprised to find this a really thoughtful article with some great tips to maintain 'flow' state!

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      Thanks so much Devan! Ironically, someone said that exact phrase with my article from a month ago 😅.

      Guess I need to work on my titles a bit :)

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