Why is it so difficult to look for useful info on past meetups??

I often see comments on platforms for creating events from meetup participants: “I could not attend the last meetup. Do you have slides or broadcast?”. Ok, some organizers publish last meetup links in the comments. But after some time you need to waste a lot of time to find this link. For me, it's a big problem.

What do you think about it?

I decided to create a Meetfeed, that helps meetup members to find info and helpful links easier. For organizers, I made publishing more comfortable too, thanks to a simple step-by-step constructor.

Meetup organizers, do you publish the past meetup info?

  1. 1

    fascinating. how often does this problem occur?

    1. 2

      Оh almost always...
      Most reports contain links and useful titles and I would like to be able to always return to them.

      Another problem is that each meetup has its own channel for publications, and you have to look in each. Then I decided to combine all this in one storage.

      1. 1

        cool. then, slay!

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