Twitter August 6, 2020

Why is twitter demanding my phone number?

Mick @Primer

I don't do social media. I came off Facebook for the last time in 2009, I've never had IG or Twitter. Basically I despise social media and I think it's one of the worst things to have happened to humanity.

That being said, I'm trying to build a community so I thought I'd concede and create a Twitter for it as an experiment. However I can't even get signed up as I NEED to give twitter a phone number. Why? I have no idea. I will never install the app on my phone, I never want notifications to my phone...

What dark art is this?

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    This is not the worst guess:

    "We recently discovered that when you provided an email address or phone number for safety or security purposes (for example, two-factor authentication) this data may have inadvertently been used for advertising purposes, specifically in our Tailored Audiences and Partner Audiences advertising system"

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    Hi Mick, seems like you have some opinions on social media that make you stay away from them. I'm afraid to open up to the world of social media you will have to give personal information, phone numbers are used for a variety of reasons, 2-factor authentication, send codes to confirm it's you using that account on that phone/login device.

    It's no dark art, its an added security layer.

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    Their reason to the customers - Bots, but even though bots are indeed a problem for it doesn't tell the complete reason for wanting the customer's phone number.

    Alternate reason? It's valuable data for marketing. Twitter is being fined for misusing those phone number.

    Like I've mentioned in another reply, you can use email, but if you do anything slightly resembling an automated behaviour e.g. Typing too fast, replying too fast, sending a same link multiple times, direct messaging multiple people with same content etc. (All valid reasons for an entrepreneur to market their product); You will be locked out and asked for phone number.


    I came off Facebook for the last time in 2009, I've never had IG or Twitter. Basically I despise social media and I think it's one of the worst things to have happened to humanity.

    I (we?) would like to know how do you develop the network for your Business then, especially since you work with music industry and social network is what it is now because of them.

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    Try on desktop and select 'Use email instead'

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      Even then, it's just a matter of time; Say when you reply to a tweet fast, you'll be locked out of your account and asked for a phone number.

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    If I had to guess this might be an artifact from the fact that twitter more or less predates mass smart phone adoption and SMS was the primary way to interact with twitter when it first rolled out (hence the iconic 140 char limit). I’m sure their use of it has evolved but if I had to guess that’s at least historically “why”.

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    Right under the phone number input, I see a button that says "Use email instead" At least its on the web. Have you tried that?

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    buy a twilio number it's $1 per month and few cents to receive the sms ;)

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    I dunno, but excited for you to join Twitter 🤣

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      haven't joined yet... I won't give them my phone number.

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          lol I'm trying out the various "burner sms" sites that are out there, but almost all of the available numbers have already been used for twitter. Looks like I'm not the only one reluctant to give them my phone number.

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            When you get in, let me know. We can have a Twitter party in your honour.

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            Don't waste your money, Twitter and almost every other service have banned the VoIP numbers for OTP.

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