Why isn’t Coda more popular?

Just jumped back into Coda this morning and it seems to be a mix of Airtable’s powerful database features with Notion’s ability to embed them all in a dynamic document.

Which begs the question… Why isn’t coda.io more popular?

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    I've used both Coda and Notion when I worked at my last company a while ago, so had a lot of opportunity to compare them side-by-side.

    Coda is harder to use (in my opinion) and has a less robust free tier. It also has a smaller community than Notion, so there's less of an ecosystem around it. Also, it lacked very basic features at the time like being able to edit the same doc in multiple tabs or sign in without Google (but they might have fixed these by now).

    At this point, it might just be down to marketing. It seems like Notion has carved out a great niche as an "all-in-one workspace for your team", but I'm not sure what niche Coda is trying to target.

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    It's not uncommon for people to have a lot of different productivity tools. And it's not unheard of for users to have a new productivity tool to try every day.

    The truth is that the one with the highest marketing budget is usually the one that gets the most attention, so it's easy to see why Coda.io isn't more popular.

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    My team and I use coda every day for project management, document/spreadsheet creation, and even created a standalone product that uses coda as its host.

    My favorite feature is it's pricing strategy. Instead of being billed per user (which gets expensive when you have consultants who may just collaborate for a short period of time), we are charged per "doc creator"... which is kind of like the admin account.

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      Interesting! Can you share the standalone product that uses Coda as the host?

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    I tried it a while back and couldn't put my finger on what it is they are trying to solve.

    Looking back today at their website, I still don't understand it. I could probably try to sign up and explore, but honestly I am too lazy to do that.

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      I remember feeling the same way when I first tried it too

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