Why Most Meetings Suck (and how I'm fixing it)

Meetings are shaped to serve non-distributed teams even though our work dynamic has evolved and moved away from that model. With the explosion of SaaS and distributed remote employees, fixing your meetings is an urgent matter, especially when growing a team.

Meetings are outdated, lacking structure, preparation, strategy, and measurement. They are often fragmented, disorganized, and takeaways are easily forgotten.

Meetings are often seen as a default, but shouldn't be. Many people default to scheduling a meeting as the only form of communication when often a Slack, Loom, or email will suffice

Meetings spiral into bad culture. Crappy culture and wasteful meetings go hand-in-hand. If people can just book time on your calendar without asking, that's a strong signal that your company culture needs some work. If meetings are inefficient, attendees will gradually loathe attending them and start creating bad meeting habits

Meetings lack measurement and are often forgotten as something to monitor and update and iterate on.

Hugo is not only providing a tool for better meetings, we're also creating the process and best practices for better meetings. Hugo takes away the things your employees hate about meetings, and establishes better meeting habits so you'll never have to ask "what are we talking about today?" or "how'd that meeting go?"

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    Interesting tool.

    Any plans to integrate with Outlook or is it going to be a Google Calendar exclusive?

    1. 1

      Yes, we integrate with Microsoft 365, so integrate with Outlook today (as long as it’s not Microsoft Exchange)

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