Product Development November 17, 2020

Why start a side project?

Hessel Dijkstra @hessel


Why do you start your side projects?

A few days ago, I asked Twitter why they would start a side project. By far, the most popular answer was, Why not?, but aside from that, a few reasons stood out to me.

Building your skills
You choose what tools you use when building something you own - often I will start a project just to try out a new framework.

You own what you build. If it succeeds or fails, it's because of you.

Build an audience
When you create something for free and build in the open, you will find your audience.

To learn how to sell
A great way to learn how to sell is to sell. A great way to have something to sell is to build it.

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    If I have an idea there's an irresistable urge to see if it's worth anything & even if I've tried and it doesn't earn me a single dime, it always feels like I ended up further than I was where I started.

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    You get to experience many new experiences that otherwise you would not experience. There is a world of adventure that awaits once you take that step out of your comfort zone, that is what a side project is all about, possibilities.
    I even wrote an E-book on my own side project experience, I called it Start With A Side-Project

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    You start a side project to avoid the mistakes made in your first project.... and check if it really makes a difference!

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