Why/why not would you pay for a platform for hiring developers?

The Problem: Hiring takes a lot of time and effort, and is very easy to get wrong. Being a good developer doesn't mean you're good at hiring developers, it's a skill in itself. There have been multiple studies concluding that using algorithm quizzes for testing candidates is very far from being the best way to test candidates, the test should be a lot closer to what's done on the job. Creating and giving take-home problems, then testing and discussing them takes a lot of time and effort which can be hugely minimised effectively. Even if you manage to get a very good developer, chances are they might not be a good fit for your company culture, and that can really derail your startup.

The solution: A platform with lots of "take-home" problems to choose from specifically for your tech stack and/or a scenario similar to what you do at the company. They're all automatically tested for correctness and code quality. Also Sets of questions for company culture and behaviour that test the candidate specifically for the type of company you envision to build.

Value Provided: You have to spend a lot less time on hiring AND the quality of the hire increases many folds. Profit.

EARLY ACCESS PAGE: https://myth-warp-1624188088.versoly.page/

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    Although there is a lot of competition in this market, it's also one of the biggest markets in the world.

    You are probably gonna need a good sales team to make this work.

    Anyway, good luck! ✌️

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      Yeah you're right there is a lot of competition, but a lot of companies are still using their own in-house hiring methods so I guess there's still space.

      I'm taking the earlier startups niche since they dont have their processes set up and have a lot less experience hiring.

      I was just listening to the latest IH podcast on interviewed.com and how they only focused on one company at once, and how that led to other customers, so I might follow that pattern.

      A friend of mine is looking to hire devs for his startup and he suggested I use them as the pilot program so I guess I just have to focus on making it good for them. Ok I'll stop rambling now :)

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        Makes sense, I totally believe that this business could succeed.

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          As much as I like the sound of that, if you had to change one thing in here what would it be?

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            I'm not sure, maybe i wouldn't change a thing. It's just a market that I wouldn't like to pursue. (Nothing special, just not interested)

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