Why you should focus on the community building before the product

I've written a Twitter thread "Why you should focus on the community building before product".


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    Hmm, I might just give that a shot next week. Seriously, I've been thinking about creating a community for my product, but without the product name. Something fun and welcoming where everyone can join.

    Doesn't help I've spent the last two months building an MVP. In my defense, I'm scratching my own itch. 😅I do see the benefit of creating a community, my only issue is how to maintain a community engaged, you know...

    Any tips you might have for keeping a community engaged?

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      AMAs, tips, sessions with experts, random stuff, memes, some type of games.

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        cool stuff. I'm going to create a Slack community so will keep these tips in mind.

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    Hey, I think it's great to focus on community before product. But also you need to clarify in which area you mean that. If it's work and you have a product, you won't be able to build a community without having the product, or at least a part of it.
    I think that humans and people are what keeps us going and are definitely taking 99% of the value of your product. But once again, depending in which field.
    Good luck any way :)

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      Thanks for your reply!
      You can build a community without a product.

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