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Why you should learn to code (and how to do it)

Hi everyone,

I am a full stack developer for over 5 years now and have plenty of experience in the development field. From freelancing to working full-time at a company - I have seen a lot and done my fair share of development.

I think there are an infinite amount of reasons you should learn to code by I will stick to my top 3. Even if you are not in the technology field, tech is advancing each and every day, and if you don't keep you up may get left behind. So here are my top 3 reasons you should stick to the reason you are in this group, and learn to code.

  1. Make yourself more marketable.
    When you learn to code, the world is your oyster, as they say. So many more job opportunities come your way when you put a programming language on your resume. I know a lot of people say you can't get a job without a degree or dev camp, but that is just false in 2020. If you plan on a self-learning, definitely create a portfolio, I think that will be key in landing a job, but more now than ever - employers aren't looking for degrees but rather if you can do the job well or not.

  2. Automate Tasks at Work.
    Programming can automate those tasks at work that you hate doing over and over again. I'm sure you have something in your job, that you think, ugh I wish I didn't have to do this. Well, maybe you don't have to. There could be a easy solution to that task or problem through programming and you don't even know it. And if you came forward with a solution to your company, that would look amazing on your part that you took the initiative to learn programming and then apply it to your work - does that not say raise all over it?! On top of that, if you are having that same annoying problem, my guess is every other person with you job has that too. So you can sell it to other companies and make money! $$

  3. The Job Perks.
    With over 1 million tech jobs going unfilled in 2020, and even more are forcasted to be unfilled in 2025, there is no reason tech companies are almost forced to give their employees such good job perks. From great pay and benefits, to working completely remote these jobs perks are almost uncomparable. Sure, there will be times where you are forced to hit a deadline and it can get stressful for about a week, but outside of that, developers are actually one of the happiest professions, and it makes sense with all the benefits!

Let me know what you think, and if you agree with these points or if I'm missing any. Hope I gave you that extra push to keep pushing in your learn to code journey!
Ps - I started a newsletter for those wanting to learn to code. check it out here - www.codebrew.substack.com

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    I think these are great points. I'd also add that on the personal development, I've found learning to code helps expand your mind into new thought systems that you may have never explored before. Helps realize more of the full potential of your brain.

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