Why Your Sales Funnel Might Actually Be A Marketing Funnel

Funny story: Every single one of the top 10 results from a Google search on “B2B sales funnels” will lead you to believe it is the AIDA funnel or some other form of marketing funnel.

But time and time again, when people say “sales funnel”, what they’re really talking about is the marketing funnel.


The content marketing community resorts to writing posts around the AIDA funnel to rank on search. This spawns another generation of people that think marketing and sales funnels in B2B are the same and can be used interchangeably

This NEEDS to change.

If you don't have an ACTUAL sales funnel in place, you're making things so much harder for yourself.

The article below will help you define what a REAL sales funnel looks like and how you can build the perfect one.


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