Wicked Blocks: Tailwind css & Alpine.js blocks and components. 100% Free to use. Updated

Hello everyone!

I have built Wicked Blocks and I have updated recently with more blocks and I also added Alpine.js on the navigation at the moment, will be including even more. Right now, there is around 132 or so.

Why including Alpine.js?Because Alpine.js is becoming popular and I haven't seen so much resources that provide it fro free.

This is what you will find on the site:

  • Left Headers
  • Right Headers
  • Center Headers
  • Pricing
  • Alerts
  • Grids
  • Clients
  • Modals
  • Content
  • Forms
  • Navigation
  • Footers

Also, I have redesigned the site many times, but this time, I have made a small attribute to Carbon Design System.

I hope you all find it helpful, thank you so much and have a stunning day!If you have any feedback or any suggestion, feel free to let me know on the DMs or twitter Mike_Andreuzza
some images:

Image description

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