Wicked Blocks V2: Ready Made Tailwind CSS blocks, for your next project. updated with new blocks. 500% free

Hello beautiful people! πŸ–

How are you all doing?
I have made something for those that like Tailwind CSS to the bones and back.Yes, for you, don't be skeptical....come on.

So what is www.WickedBlocks.dev

WICKED BLOCKS are a growing collection of layouts and components built with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js ready to copy-paste on your Tailwind project.
Get it here ---> Wicked Blocks
In this version you will find updated blocks and and the addition of Alpine.js on the navigation, plus all are visually updated and with a better and nicer design , bro:

  • Left Headers
  • Centered Headers
  • Right Headers
  • Auth****entication
  • Pricing
  • Cards
  • Alerts
  • Grids
  • Clients
  • Modals
  • Content
  • Forms
  • Navigation ( with Alpine.js )
  • Sidebars
  • Footers

I added the new blocks yesterday, I am still working ( literally right now ) with the responsiveness of some of them, but 90% are responsive.

I hope you guys like it and remember that I am always open to feedback and DM's are also open for anything you want to know.

Or Twitter u/mike_andreuzza

Let me drop some previews here....

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