Will trade a Clubhouse invite for a @TextsHQ invite

I have a Clubhouse invite. I want a Texts.com invite.

Trade? 😁

I have enjoyed Clubhouse but it is adding something to my life. Texts.com I hope will replace a ton of scattered conversations.

I also will just give you a Clubhouse invite if you ask nicely.

  1. 1

    I have seriously no clue what either one is about, but I'd love to get on board. So I've signed up for texts, if I get an invite - unlikely - before you do, I'll share along. If in the meantime someone can intro me to Clubhouse (seems quite the fuss), I'd love to have a peek 😇.

  2. 1

    Hey @joshdance, I don’t have an invite, but I was just wondering how the trade of the invites would work.

    Would it be a link you share with the other person?

    1. 1

      yeah we just agree to send each other invites. I send one to you, you send one to me.

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