Ideas and Validation November 26, 2020

Will you buy the subscription of this?

Gilbish Kosma @gilbish

Hi all, i am planning to create a website where you can learn chess moves . It will be a subscription based app. Will you take the subscription of it if the content is good?

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    I am already a subscriber for, mostly to play their puzzles.

    I think they do a really good job and their pricing is fair, unless you can provide more value than, you would have a hard time marketing the product.

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      @XCS thanks for the opinion, i have decided that i will not go forward with this idea .

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    The QUeen's Gambit :P Hard for me cause I don't really play lol

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    Oh gosh, have you checked out I am using the app for free to learn to play better chess (which in my case it to learn to play chess at all 😂)

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      Yes, i use it too , however in order to learn top moves a user will have to buy their subscription, which seems a bit high priced for me. But their content are very good.

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        yea, I'm considering paying £24 a year to get the premium content there. 25 puzzles a day is enough for me!

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          okay, thanks for your opinion, i think creating an alternative of is not a good idea :) .
          What about a newsletter which sends you daily 1chess move?

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            You're welcome. I guess there is a possibility that there is some niche value you could add that does not.
            A daily chess move. hmm. Maybe. Would you look to monetise it through chess related promotions ?

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              I haven't thought of marketing yet.

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    Interesting idea! I'd love to see this. I'd definitely try it if you had a free trial option.

    Would consider to subscribe if it appeals, depends on the price of course. BUT it must deliver more that just learning chess moves. (I could buy a book for that and not have to pay on a monthly basis). Maybe a community to discuss the moves etc.

    Great idea!

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      @basakbuilds thanks for your opinion, Community to discuss moves is a good idea.

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        You're very welcome! Glad it was helpful :)

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    As you suggested in the comments I think a daily newsletter about chess could be great idea.
    Start it for free and as you grow add a premium subscription.

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      i too think so, i will start working on it, thanks.

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