Will you pay for a tool to forecast budget and manage credit card across different tools?

Hello Everyone,

I am a developer who is working on a tech company, we have some problems related to payment and I am thinking about building a solution to solve them for us and for others.

Let's get into the fun part. Here is our situation, I am working in a tech company where we use different tools to host and manage our work flow. Most of these tools use pay as you go model and some of them use subscription model.

1- Every year, we have to request a specific budget for the tech team to get approval on it, while we do not actually know how the business will scale in the next year.
2- After getting approval for buying a new tool from the decision maker, we have to follow up a lot for the credit card to be actually added in this new tool by the finance team.
3- When it is the time for an invoice of one of our tools to be paid, we have to follow up again on the finance team to add the needed credit on the credit card.
4- As some of our tools are using the pay as you go model, the invoice can have unpleasant surprises if anything went wrong and cause us to use too much from a single tool.

Our Current Solutions:
1- To solve problem #1, we are using Excel sheet to track our payment for all tools that we are using and built some equations to forecast based on the past growth.
2- To solve problem #2 and 3, we perform a lot of follow ups
3- To solve problem #4, we are building on the main tools alerts to notify us when the usage for yesterday increased suddenly.

I am thinking about a SAAS solution that any company having the same problems can use it to help them solve these problems. This tool should do the following:
1- Track and forecast payment across different tools based on data from previous payments.
2- Provide a single place to add or update the credit card then it should integrate with the different tools to mange credit card on these tools. So you have a single place to add / update your credit card in it and it gets automatically updated in all the managed tools.
3- Track when each invoice should be paid and notify those who are responsible for adding credit to the credit card with the needed amount to be paid.
4- Monitor payment across different tools and have a way to set some customizable alerts to save the team from unpleasant surprises.

I would like to hear your opinions. Do/did you face any of these problems or is it just us. Would you pay to fix such problems if you face it. How much are you willing to pay for fixing such problems. What do you think about the solution. What is the MVP from your point of view. And do you know some app doing the same thing?

Thanks a lot

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    Great job. Keep going!

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      Thanks @Alex but I want to hear your opinion about the idea

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