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Wish me luck! - My baby is live on Product Hunt 🐱 (will update with results)

It took some time, studying and preparation, but we finally launched on @ProductHunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/abtesting-ai

I’ll share the behind-the-scenes for now, and when the first week is over, I’ll come back to update the post with results.

As the COO (but with a big role in marketing too) of ABtesting.ai, I had been assigned to the Product Hunt launch. At that moment, I didn’t even really understand what Product Hunt was, so I started studying, and A LOT.

My favorite two sources of information were:
This great vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEbSol52tK4&t
And this official post: https://blog.producthunt.com/how-to-launch-on-product-hunt-7c1843e06399

We defined February 9th as the launching day. We decided to Launch at 4:00 AM (San Francisco time) because launching at 00:01 AM meant launching at 5:00 AM (Uruguay time), and we wanted to all be there for the first hours of launch.

Once I had a time objective and I understood more or less how PH launches work, I took over what my partner @gonzamordecki14 had started some time ago, which was an old list of contacts to notify about our launch.

I started by sending an email to each of them, to see if they were still interested in supporting ABtesting.ai on his PH launch. Most of them didn’t even open the email. But some responded positively!
I worked the list up from there (obviously also adding friends and family almost by force 😅).
We already have an interesting amount of customers, so getting some initial support wasn’t really that difficult.

While working on the contacts, I started producing all the material needed for the launch:
I hired this guy on Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/purpledragonnn to make the craziest GIF for our Thumbnail (recommended).
I also filmed a video tutorial directed solely to Hunters, and did some sketches of what I wanted the rest of the images to be, so the designer had something to start working with.

Also, started copywriting all the elements needed:

  • Tagline (up to 60 characters): After some revisions with our partners, we ended up with “Landing page optimization made easy.” Which basically is the most direct way of saying which problem we attack, and what's our unique value proposition. We have something going in our favor: Our name (ABtesting.ai) already explains more or less what we do, so we could take some liberty with the other elements.

  • Description (up to 260 characters).

  • First comment: The narrative here was as follows. Defining the problem to solve, how we decided to solve it, bullet points of our tool works, conclusion on how it can help, and juicy promotional code just for Hunters.

  • Mailing.

  • Twitter post.

  • Instagram post.

  • LinkedIn post.

  • Indie Hackers post (hehe inception).

  • Blogpost: For this one, we used one we already made some time ago, which we are very proud of: https://abtesting.ai/blog/introducing-abtesting-ai/

Having everything ready, it was just a matter of waiting until the launch date arrived (and that’s right now)

Come join us at the launch! (https://www.producthunt.com/posts/abtesting-ai)

Expect some news next week :)

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