April 5, 2019

With Whom Can We Mine Bitcoin?

My first contact with the mining of cryptocurrency occurred in 2017. Although there were many offers on the market, some even in Romania, I was cautious. First and foremost, I disliked the companies’ lack of transparency, the deficient support (usually granted by e-mail alone), the sophisticated calculations regarding the invested amount and the earned profit. Since there was no way I could mine on my own, I put this kind of activity out of my mind and, for one year, I focused on the thorough research of a number of projects using the blockchain technology.

At the end of last year, I found a company committed to Bitcoin mining: Elevate Group. Their business model, their transparency, the excellent customer support from the entire team (even from the founder) and the intense activity on their Telegram group drew my attention.

I started to look closer into the company and to ask them as many questions as possible, to understand just how their model works, the end-point of every dollar invested by the clients, the costs and profitability, etc.

Elevate Group self-defines as “the world’s first mining company making a priority out of transparency, integrity and return on investment (ROI)”. The temperatures in the area of the mining farm (Irkutsk, Russia) are low for around 9-10 months per year, which points to an excellent site for cryptocurrency mining.

Owing to a cost of 0.055 USD/kWh, Irkutsk is one of the least expensive regions in the world in terms of electricity. It is fittingly described as “Russia’s cryptocurrency mining capital”.
The company’s business model is MaaS (Mining as a Service). The client is the owner of the equipment and the company ensures its maintenance and supplies the hosting site. The mining farm does not charge fees for the hosting and maintenance of the equipment and it is found in the same locality as a service of those from Bitmain.

Transparency is an extremely important aspect and, with Elevate Group, the client knows precisely where every invested dollar is sent and which the gross/net profit per month is. All the pieces of information are put in the NEM blockchain and the client has access to them. Furthermore, the client can see the miners’ situation in real time, 24/7, owing to the Awesome Miner software.

Bitcoin mining is a marathon, not a sprint race. It is aimed especially at those who believe in the potential of the blockchain technology and of Bitcoin, as well as at those who have a sense of perspective, patiently gathering Bitcoin amounts and keeping them for the long term. We also need to keep in mind that the profit earned from mining is a form of passive income (of course, after the client amortizes the investment).

DISCLAIMER: This is not investment advice. Please, do not avoid your own basic investigations into the matter. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. You are responsible for your own financial decisions.

Elevate Group is a managed Bitcoin mining service for passive income investors. You can check out our website at https://bit.ly/ElevateGroup1 or join our vibrant community on Telegram ( https://t.me/ElevateGroup ) . Also you can DM (Direct Message) me on Telegram: https://t.me/amable2017
Thank you!