Meetups March 5, 2020

WKND Project meetup in Amsterdam

Wesley @wslyvh

I'm very excited to announce a new initiative that I've been working on: the WKND Project - a new club for makers, indie devs, creatives, designers, solo entrepreneurs, bootstrappers or others who're looking for an inspiring space to work on their (side) projects. Coming together to help each other thrive, keep each other accountable and having fun on the weekends.

Find us on Meetup or Twitter @ WKND-Project

The first meetup is planned for Sat. 18th of April at the new Hacker Building.
This is the new name and new location of the former Hackers & Founders Building.

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    You should hook up with @charlierward - he's doing a similar thing in London.

    1. 2

      Thanks, we have been in touch indeed. Looking forward to share ideas and experiences once we have had a few events going.

    2. 2

      We've been in touch already! Great to see this format spreading to other cities, hopefully there will be lots of shared learnings.

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    Signed up! See you there.

    1. 1

      Awesome! Glad to see more IH-ers. See you there