Woocommerce Users Needed

Hello Woocommerce users, I just dropped a new simple but powerful plugin, and I would like your help in testing, and receiving any feedback you may have. In version 1.0 it puts the "Add To Cart" button above the short description...by default Woocommerce places it below the short description and if the description is too long, a user would have to scroll in order to see the "Add To Cart" button. Now a user should never have to scroll before seeing the "Add To Cart" button, which will increase conversion rates.


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    Any links to the plugin?

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      Hi dwalker, thanks for your reply. Strange I thought I added the link but it is here: https://iridescentwhite.com/product/wooconvertbuttons/

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        Alright. I'll give it a shot and let you know how it goes.

        On a different note, the illustrations and UI of that page needs a little work. Some the text is hard to read. Also, the illustrations don't really describe what the plugin does. Some people won't read the copy much, but will rely on the images to describe the product for them.

        I know it's a work in progress, so thought I'd give a little feedback.

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