Working On Your Business vs In Your Business

Hey guys,

A few years ago I made the leap and ventured out on my own to start a content marketing agency. I've worked in the space for the past 8 years and have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best content marketing professionals.


I found myself working 14-16 hours a day cause I had my hand in every single aspect of the business. I was worn out and I wasn't able to scale or grow my business.

This new model allows me to focus on content strategy and matches the client with a vetted freelance writer. I hope one day to hire a couple more strategists to help me out.

I need some feedback on my landing page to know if what I am trying to offer is clear to clients: https://www.withevergreen.com/

Thanks so much, guys!

If you are a freelance writer, please feel free to apply here: https://www.withevergreen.com/become-a-writer

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    I've lowered my prices based on feedback. As a result, I've also lowered the number of content briefs our strategists create. Any feedback on pricing is appreciated!

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    I think it's clear, but as a longtime publisher & editor, I would say that your pricing seems very high.

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      Hey Danny,

      Really appreciate the feedback! Strategy and content briefs are included in the price -also all writers are vetted and US-based. I've thought about lowering the price and having the client create their briefs. Then have an upsell package that includes strategy and briefs. Would love your thoughts on this and also what you think is appropriate to charge. Thanks!

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