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I've recently started to work on a Web App to submit problems, in the space of World's hardest, and to nominate people who are working on them.

The build has been going fine mostly. But am at the point of discovering if it would be useful.

My main thoughts were that someone could see connections easier between who is working on what, who is interested in that problem by seeing that problems followers and so on.

I have moderation Roles in the app, so if you want to moderate I can send you an invite link and code.

The site is up at https://conundrum.quest

Looking for ideas on how to move forward? Who should I try and show this too?


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    That's interesting, who do you think are your main users? Who populates the content?

    I recently got fascinated by fivebooks.com, which has very high quality of book recommendations per topic. Maybe your site could be something similar, but for ideas. I like the concept!

    Some things that came to my mind:

    • Didn't immediately understand what "Knights" and "Heroes" are.
    • Would be nice to have profile images for people to add some personality, possibly comments too to create discussions.
    • Some sentences for each person working on a "problem", what their approach is. Not sure how much you want to go into content creation though.
    1. 3

      The main users that submit is a good question. To be honest that is something I have to determine. I initially thought of students in grade school that are interested in world affairs, and beyond that I thought of people who submit to science, health, philosophy and many other related topics on reddit.

      Five books is neat never heard of it before, but I like it's organization, different than goodreads.

      Yes it may be better to not do Knights and Heros to start.

      Yeah I think profile images makes sense, will do that.

      Oh and I like the idea of comments, maybe I will use disquss to get the ball rolling.

      As for the person working on the problem and for the problems themselves, users can submit both and then it goes into moderation, to keep the site safer, may be a better way to do this in the future.

      Thanks for the feedback, you've got me thinking 🧠

      1. 2

        I see, maybe a challenge is building a community that submits a problem & nominates people for it. I guess you need to do a lot of manual work to fill in content to get people interested?

        If this works it would be really cool though, e.g. you search for "climate change" and see what things people are doing about it.

        This also reminded me of ycombinator.com/rfs, I would be interested to see what startups are working on each of those problems. Maybe that could also be a source of content?

        1. 2

          Yeah your right that I need to entice people with good problem sets. Yeah that RFS is a great resource, I think it will be well worth it to start doing to content submissions myself, and see how far I can get to make it interesting. Thanks

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    There was a Ted talk of someone who really works to prioritise the world's largest problems and also their costs and work with governments on them and they made global and country specific reports..

    1. 1

      Hey, If you think of which one it was I would love to watch it. I've found a few ted talks with titles similar, but don't think I've found the right one. Thanks

      1. 2

        I think I've been looking for this guy


        Don't remember which were his better vids
        I do see this topic is loaded more than I care to recall

        I guess the idea is try to connect with some of the groups on these topics

        I do also somehow remember the slide in this one favourably

        It's like there are a few big org. Doing some great work for some topics and trying to make it less political
        But surely this is missing exposure
        Generally the major part of the population doesn't see were making progress on important things

        1. 1

          Too funny, I read Bjorn Lomborg's book years ago, How to spend 50 billion dollars to make the world a better place.

          Haven't heard of Michael Green, gonna watch it now.

          Yeah there is some possibility of the topics being loaded or political. I suppose I just want to give the opportunity to see who is working on what and who potentially is interested.

          And I agree that we are making progress mostly, beyond human and natural setbacks, but I don't think we're gonna run out of problems to solve.

          Also there is Steven Pinker's outlook on man's progress that is interesting view on things.


          Thanks for links and ideas

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