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Would a simple hosted donation page like this be useful?

I'm thinking about creating a service where you simply connect a Stripe account, customize some settings, and you get a hosted donation page like above in minutes. You can share your page and collect donations for charities, businesses, personal use, or really any reason. Would likely be free to use but a 2% + Stripe fees per transaction.

Problem is of course there are lots of donation/fundraising services out there. Not sure if its worth pursuing.

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    I googled "stripe hosted donation" and there are already 3 alternatives in the first result. Along with an article about how to do it manually w/ a few lines of code.

    I'm not sure but it seems possible to set payments through Stripe dashboard.


    Send a payment link
    You can create a payment page in the Stripe Dashboard and share a link to it with your customers. Use Payment Links to sell your product or service, start subscriptions, or collect donations by pasting the link in emails, social media, or any other channel.

    But yeah, there are already products out there specialised for this, and there is always a piece from the cake. I think it's more about how much you are willing to put on marketing rather than how simple it is. BTW 2 of those 3 asks for + %1.5

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