Would love any feedback for ProgramPill

Hi everyone!

My product ProgramPill has just been approved by Indiehackers!

You can find it here:

It is still in it's alpha version, a little more than an MVP at this point, and I would love any feedback or advice on it from the community.

It is a simple webpage that allows you to plan an online exercise calendar based around Youtube workout videos.

The free, no sign-up version saves the calendar to your browser while the paid plans would be targetted at life coaches / fitness trainers as well as fitness bloggers or publishers wanting to share their calendars with clients or their audience.

If anyone is of that profile or has friends who might find this useful, I hope you would be willing to share it with them as well!

I've even made two sample plans to demonstrate what that would be like - they are under the examples section on the website.

Let me know what you think and how I can improve!

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    I too think this would have more chances if you partner up with trainers etc. and offer it as a B2B solution.

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      I'd like to second this comment. I get the impression that your landing page is speaking to both end-users & trainers, which won't work well.

      I think you should focus primarily on trainers for now bc they talk to end-users everyday. Maybe each trainer could have their own "profile" or "landing page" and then those trainers can market their profiles to end-users. They will do the marketing for you.

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        Wow, I wouldn't have noticed that the landing page is trying to speak to both.
        Love the idea guys!

        Yeah, I should definitely focus the messaging be more towards trainers and how they can use it to market to their end-users. Definitely should aim for that as a marketing channel.

        I agree that the solution will have a higher chance as a B2B but I guess some B2C messaging got muddled into that.

        Thanks guys! Really helped!

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    paid plans would be targetted at life coaches / fitness trainers as well as fitness bloggers or publishers wanting to share their calendars with clients or their audience.

    This is super interesting. Have you already validated that this is something trainers would pay for?

    I think you can improve your product's name. I think the suffix "Pill" is too different from what your product offers.

    Really interesting product, it sounds like it could be valuable to remote trainers.

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      Thanks for taking time out to feedback on this!

      Validation-wise, not yet actually. In the process of posting this to forums of fitness enthusiasts and cold outreach to trainers to validate it with the target audience.

      Yeah, definitely still open to improving on the name. Wanted to capture the concept of planning and doing something daily.

      Haha fingers crossed, hopefully they would find this valuable!

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    Hi Bryan,

    I think the idea is fantastic. I don't agree with many comments that B2B is a stronger market. B2B is great, but also it works B2C. The trick will be in ensuring they progress in tandem, but with distinct customer needs.

    If you start from the premise of what problems you are solving...


    1. The effort to sort my plan and materials for the day, week and month.
    2. If it's not in my face and in my Work Diary, I don't do it.
    3. I work from home, it's hard to drag myself from my workstation to go to the Gym.
    4. I am not motivated unless I see ongoing results.
    5. I struggle with foods, vitamins, diet, and don't regulate myself in the day.

    Anything that solves these problems (And I think you are on the right track) could be a winner for me!

    I do agree with one comment. ProgramPill is not the best.

    I do get it. 'Take the medicine' :) But it has too many other connotations.

    Check out www.squadhelp.com, for example, it can generate names that might spark something.

    Good luck. Stay in touch and let's have a Zoom.



    WhatsApp and Telegram

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      Hey Eric,

      Thanks for taking time out to give some feedback!

      I see where you are coming from in terms of solving problems for both B2B and B2C customers.

      I believe where most of the comments on B2B being a stronger market mentioned is with respect to the monetisation aspect of the product - B2B has a tendency to have higher willingness to pay and higher sticking power as compared to a general B2C, at least that is what I have heard. I might trial both in the beginning with two landing pages with specific copy designed for each.

      Thanks for stating out your fitness problems so clearly! That really helps with planning out how I am going to build the product roadmap. Will definitely be trying to get more opinions but the problems you stated do align with what I've been hearing so far and what I've got planned.

      And as for the name - yeah, I guess I really got to swap out the name. Guess it is time to name brainstorm again.

      Would love to connect, via chat or zoom.
      Do you have Twitter? We can connect through there too!

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    I think this is an awesome foundation, anyone who lacks structure in their workouts but is motivated can surely benefit from this.

    I do think there is a lot of room for growth though, adding some filters (muscle groups, video length, weights/bodyweight etc.) would add a lot of value to me. It also could be beneficial to you to partner with one of these YouTubers and promote their content, win-win. It would also be cool to have a handful of pre-selected workout weeks that users could edit. Nonetheless, I'm a fan and hope to see ProgramPill do well, the general American population would gain from it!

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      Yeah the B2C aspect was definitely going for the beginner-friendly market. The aim is also to enable trainers / publishers to share their own workouts to a wider audience / client so that good workout plans can be spread easier.

      Definitely going to work the partnership angle with some publishers so fingers crossed!
      Filters and pre-selected workout templates sound good too - that would make it more accessible to the layman as well.


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    i love the business model. Well done dude.
    How about making the UI better? why is it in modal?

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      Thanks man!

      I put it in a modal cause I wanted users to easily start building once they dismissed the modal - straight into the interface haha. I kind of wanted to test out that UX versus the conventional landing page.

      How did it make you feel? Was it a negative experience?
      Would love to know so I can adjust accordingly!

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    I think adding in a goal would be beneficial. For example, I want to lose weight, I want to gain muscles, etc. (make realistic plans based on their time, age, weight and fitness). Maybe integrate some AI to the training schedule would be cool! Also you could make like a chatbot "virtual trainer", where you can talk with about your progress and ask questions to.

    1. 1

      I see I see.
      Could see that being useful for the layman.
      I'll definitely consider those options for building out the interface for B2C users!


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