Would love input on my two new sites!

Hello everyone! 😃

We launched two new websites this year:
https://regnr.no and https://lånepenger.no/

I would love any input on the UI/UX of the sites.
Lånepenger.no is a loan comparison page with affiliates, and Regnr.no is a search engine for vehicles registered in Norway.

Let me know what you think! 🚀

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    I could only translate this one to english: https://lånepenger.no/

    Looks very good. I like how you include the loan options in the main page, and the interface is very pleasant.

    I would just suggest creating another page for the section below the FAQ since the website seems to be too long.

    Great job ;)

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      Thank you for the Feedback!

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    I would highly suggest creating dedicated pages for all the companies with the review, video, photos, ratings.
    Note to use rich snippet.

    That would help SEO a lot.

    P.S I mean lånepenger

    1. 1


      I have made that. See this: https://lånepenger.no/bank/uno-finans/
      The link to it is at the bottom of the details 😃

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    Same as others, both sites look very nice and easy to use and I can get the basic ideas even without the translation from the UI which is great. Loading Speed and responsiveness is also good which is important for SEO nowadays. Good luck

  4. 2

    Sorry, language issue. I can not read your site.

    1. 1

      Sorry! Try using Google Translate on it :)

  5. 1

    They look nice. I wish I understood Norwegian :)

  6. 1

    Jeg vil gerne låne penge/penger: 100,000,000 Kroner. Tak! :D

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    Esthetically they are both very nice.

    However it https://regnr.no can't be translated into English, so I don't understand what it's about.

    https://lånepenger.no/, on the other hand, can be translated with the Chrome Extention.

    And there what I can tell you is that I think the text is way too long, maybe implementing some widgets would help make it more manageable and less overwhelming.

    1. 1

      Hey! Thanks for the feedback.

      The long text is due to SEO. To rank high, the text needs to be quite long on this niche.

      1. 1

        But does it all need to be visible on the landing page?

        I mean it could be on a separate page or only display a preview and then the rest when they click to read more.

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