Would LOVE some IH website feedback!

We just launched our website THIS WEEK and have been getting some awesome traction out of the gate! With that said, I'm always looking for ways that we can make the site/experience/etc. better....

Any feedback??

From the first week, we saw a big surge on day 1 (as expected) of people visiting and purchasing. We reached out to all of our Instagram followers individually, which was helping a lot... until Instagram halted our messages, haha!

The "big time" influencers that we had lined up to repost our first post didn't do as much for us as we hoped. Maybe the leads are too cold? Who knows, but we found that pretty interesting.

Another big thing we did was try to engage with Fb groups and Reddit communities. This is much easier said than done, but seemed to get some real conversations going around the product.

Finally, we just started exploring Fb ads. As expected, an incredibly powerful tool. We got some good ROAS early in the process, so hoping to dial this in more and turn up the ad spend as we go!

Overall, we are pretty happy with our first week. Pre-orders aren't sold out yet, so still lots of work to do, but we are excited for the weeks to come. Any general feedback is also extremely appreciated, thanks IHers!

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    I feel kinda dumb that I didn't realize how this thing looks until I've scrolled down. I just realized the dumbbell is on the first image (but the thing is, I had to scroll in order to see the whole picture, above-the-fold I only see 2/3rds of it and miss the most important part - the actual dumbbell.

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      Are you on mobile or desktop? And are you talking about the homepage image?

      This is awesome feedback, I'd love to get it figured out! It's always tough getting valuable feedback from people that have never seen the product before, so I'm very thankful!

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        This is desktop, using Chrome. See this image: https://imgur.com/a/UxBCylG

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          Got it! I totally get what you are saying now, and looks like we might want to get a new picture in there that can be a little shorter/wider to fit the desktop space better. Thanks!!

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    Nice I love this. Great idea!!

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      Love to hear that! Thanks a bunch!

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    As a guy training for more than 4 years, I didn't saw any use until I scrolled down.
    I highly suggest you put a video in the header.

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      Awesome, that's great feedback. Do you have any feedback regarding auto-play videos versus not?

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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      I went back and forth with which one should go in the main header between those two - funny you picked that out! Definitely will revisit that one again... haha

      Sent you an email regarding logo feedback. As for the structure, the brand is an umbrella for all types of fitness products, so arms are as much a candidate as legs. We played with both arm and leg designs, and honestly the arms just looked better and gave off a stronger feeling. Also, legs gave off the feel of a running specific brand, which put us off a little bit

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