Productivity May 22, 2020

Would my onboarding flow work? (Productivity app)

Ali @aliakhtar

I'm working on a productivity app, and right now I'm planning out the onboarding section.

Basically, its a software that'll help you overcome procrastination by gamifying your life. You'll tell it your schedule, and the things you want to get done, and by various gaming mechanics, it'll help you hit your targets.

On my sign up page, I'm thinking about starting the process by asking them to create a primary goal for themselves for the next year. They'll see buttons with things like:

  • Launch a business
  • Build an app
  • Write a book
  • Learn a skill

etc. And they'll have to hit one of those buttons to get started.

Would this step turn most people off? I.e, do most people just want to improve their day to day productivity, without having some big goal they're working towards each day?

Or, do most people have a goal in the back of their mind, and it'll be relatively easy for them to pick one out?

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    I love this idea! Although it may be daunting to see the mountain (i.e. the empty book you need to write) at first, it's a great exercise to break that down in smaller, achievable pieces. Plus, there is a unique sense of accomplishment that will come out of finally finishing that task, which is uniquely tied to you and your app.

    That being said, I think it's important to have something for everyone within that menu of options to choose from. If you don't, people might just randomly (or without a lot of thought) select an option just to get to the next screen, and then be roped into a larger project they never really intended on doing. Then they won't be getting the value they expected, potentially making them turn away.

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