November 8, 2019

Would you help fund my new app?

Dave @Dave_fyi

Would you pre-pay $25 for a year of using
(pricing going to start at $14/month)

It would help finance the app so it will be live sooner!

More info:

For your generous help

  • You’ll get early beta access to the iOS and Android app
  • $25/year instead of $14/month
  • 33% discount on other plans for life

Noti is a simple app that sends notifications to your phone.

You can create all sorts of triggers to send to your phone. A couple of use-cases would be:

  • You have a sale 🤑
  • Schedule mindful breaks 😇
  • An error occurs on your website 🤖
  • Emails with label X come into your mailbox 🏷
  • Schedule when you drink your water 💦

You can organize your notifications with labels. These labels have settings like – Don't send me notifications at the weekend.

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    You might be aware of this, but IFTTT has an app which allows you to do all of this and much more. And it's free!

    1. 1

      Sure, thanks I'm aware of ifttt but this is a different concept ;)

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        IFTTT has a notification app you can link any other integrations to. I use it for my users on

        Also works with wiring up custom calls, Stripe, E-Mails, Calendars:

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          Thanks, again I know what ifttt is... What are you really trying to say?

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            That I had this problem you're solving, am in your target audience (small business looking to automate important notifications), and found a very well working solution with the IFTTT Notification App, so what's the differentiator I should pay $14/mo for?

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              I think if you found a solution to your specific problems you’re done right? 🥳

              Not 100% sure what all the features are from IFTTT focusing on my own product 😊

              You could also wonder why the product is free and what is happening with your data.

              Next to this as a Indie Hacker I can’t give away my products for free there also need to be a business model! There will be a small free account on Noti but this is mostly to set things up and test everything out.

              So to answer your question. That the product isn’t free probably doesn’t make it a product for you. But more for small business that make a bit more money and have teams they also want to use it for.

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    Who exactly is this for? What exactly is the benefit?

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      I think its mostly for small businesses that love to automate things and like to stay on top of everything important :)

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    Is the idea the same as Pushover app? Or it is something different?

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      Not really the same but the basics yes :) Noti is also a notification app

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    I m afraid that what you are trying to achieve is technically impossible.

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      What wouldn't be possible?

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        You cannot organise your notifications on an app. Each app has different integration for push notifications. You cannot have an integration for everything.

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          You create triggers to Noti and there we organize the notifications and send them to your Noti app;)

          So it will 100% be possible to organize the notifications.

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            It s a reminder app through push notifications or you connect a web app to different triggers and then those are sent to Noti app? I'm sorry then, but I understood it wrong. Sounds like an alarm app through push notifications?

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              the second one

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                So I would have to connect all the app in my phone to your app and by default giving you access to all my notifications & app apis?

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                  No, it’s more like setting up Zapier zaps where the end of the zap is Noti ;-)